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A new shooter wows people with a crab and a gun


This crab is not to be trifled with.

New shooter Crab Champions was released on Steam on April 1st, but it’s a little more than a hoax. After a beta of the unusual game was pretty well received, the first reviews are full of praise. The crab shooter is currently allowed to have about 1,500 reviews rejoice of which 98 percent give a thumbs up.

What is Crab Champions?

Crab Champions is one Third-person shooter with roguelike elementsin which you compete either alone or in co-op with up to three other players. As a crab, you equip yourself with various weapons such as pistols, shotguns or assault rifles and decimate hordes of animal opponents:

Shooter gameplay from Crab Champions shows you fighting as a crustacean with guns

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Shooter gameplay from Crab Champions shows you fighting as a crustacean with guns

The shooter is the project of a solo developer who also produces music, and apparently enthusiastic about crabs is. Crab Champions has been in development for four years and has now been released into Early Access.

What do players say?

The extremely positive reviews for Crab Champions often delight in the fun idea of ​​a crab shooter, but also appreciate the smooth gameplay. So writes about vulpix:

A game that’s actually a joke, but manages to look really good and play really well too. The fact that it was released on April 1st is just the icing on the cake. You can’t get a game that’s more fun for this price. Not only do I feel like a crab champion in the game, I feel like a crab GOD.

Cookie Suzuki on the other hand, attempts a more serious review and compares the shooter to Risk of Rain 2:

Crab Champions is similar in movement to Risk of Rain 2 and has simple but good fighting mechanics. (…) It can get quite repetitive, but choosing different game styles can completely change the outcome of a round. (…) The sustained increase in enemy health and damage is great, and the bosses are fun as they are neither easy nor instantly sweeping the floor with you.

Of course, Crab Champions is just beginning like that road map for Early Access shows. In the near future, the shooter will be expanded with new content and features and will be significantly larger.

What do you think of crab champions? is the shooter just an entertaining April Fool’s joke for you, or would you maybe even try it yourself? Write us in the comments!

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