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A new Samba de Amigo game is coming to Apple Arcade


Samba de Amigo: Party-To-Go brings the maraca-waving monkeys to mobile on August 29, the same day another Friend’s Samba gamesboth from Amigo: Party Central, hit the Change and Meta Quest. It seems that the two games are essentially the same, with party to go being simply a mobile port of party center. an advantage of playing party to go on Apple Arcade, though, is that you’ll get three exclusive songs from PSY (‘memba him?), Lady Gaga, and Fitz and The Tantrums, which, coincidentally, looks a bit like my Friday night party playlist. evening.

According to Apple’s announcement, party to go it also features the series’ first story mode, “where players join Amigo on his quest to retrieve the music.” In fact, I really like story modes in rhythm games. the one of Elite Beat Agents it was really good and at times really moving.

Rounding out Apple Arcade’s August offerings are a couple of puzzle games and a fantasy resource management sim. Nekograms+ is a cat-based puzzle game where you have to move cushions around in different ways until each specially shaped kitty has a cozy spot to perch and looks absolutely lovely. Meanwhile, finitude boasts, “the skill and complexity of chess, the infinite replay value and flow of tetrisand the satisfying answer to the match-three genre.” Nekograms+ and finitude will hit Apple Arcade on August 8 and August 25, respectively.

Kingdoms: Merge and Build, On sale August 18, it looks like one of those mobile games where a disembodied hand squashes objects, transforming them into larger objects that, in turn, squash until you somehow have a fully functional city. And according to Apple’s description of the game, that’s exactly what it is. “Players will combine unique items to obtain resources to build and renovate buildings and landmarks, complete quests, and uncover the mystery to restore the fallen kingdom to its former glory.”

These games will start rolling out to Apple Arcade on August 8th, and maybe I can give them a try if I’m not too busy racking up friendship points with My Melody on Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

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