A new poll shows 62% Americans WANT Hunter Biden investigated.

62% of Americans WANT Hunter Biden investigated and 62% say his father Joe was ‘probably’ endangered by business deals with China, new poll shows

  • Rasmussen Reports surveyed 1,000 likely voters on Nov. 22
  • It found that 62 percent supported the GOP investigation into Hunter Biden’s business affairs
  • About 61 percent said they think the president was aware of his actions
  • It comes after Republicans laid out their plans to investigate
  • They revealed their plans after taking control of the House of Representatives

Plans for Republicans to investigate Hunter Biden’s foreign business interests have the approval of some 62 percent of likely American voters, according to a poll released Monday.

The Rasmussen Reports phone and online poll for Miranda Devine, a columnist and author of “Laptop from Hell” about Biden’s computer, found that some 42 percent strongly agreed with a likely House GOP investigation into his overseas deals.

Many Republicans pledged to investigate the president’s son and his business dealings during the midterm election campaign, in which they seized control of the lower chamber.

And Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), who is expected to chair the House Judiciary Committee, and Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.), in line to take over the Oversight Committee, recently held a press conference detailing their plans for probes.

The president has long denied knowing anything about his son’s foreign transactions, some of which are under investigation by federal authorities.

But the survey of 1,000 American likely voters on Nov. 22 found that such claims didn’t go far with the public.

Plans for Republicans to investigate Hunter Biden’s foreign business interests win the approval of about 62 percent of likely U.S. voters, according to a new poll, which also found a majority of respondents believed his father knew about the deal

Hunter Biden'S Business Dealings Are The Subject Of The House Gop'S First Announced Investigation Into The Party'S New Majority In The Lower Chamber Of Congress

Hunter Biden’s business dealings are the subject of the House GOP’s first announced investigation into the party’s new majority in the lower chamber of Congress

Some 61 percent of voters said it was likely — including 44 percent who said it was “very likely” — that Joe Biden had at least been consulted about his son’s business deals, and may have even benefited from them.

The poll showed that the public closely follows reports of the president’s son.

But unsurprisingly, respondents split along party lines — especially when the stories go beyond business deals and involve Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Eighty-six percent of Republicans think the story about Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop is important, but 56 percent of Democrats say it’s not important.

Among unaffiliated voters, 62 percent think the laptop story is important and 33 percent don’t think it’s important.

Overall, 63 percent of voters believe Hunter’s laptop story is important, including 41 percent who think it’s “very important.”

Rep. Andy Biggs And Rep. Jim Jordan Face A Magnified Email With Editorials During Press Conference As Republicans Lay Out Their Allegations

Rep. Andy Biggs and Rep. Jim Jordan face a magnified email with editorials during press conference as Republicans lay out their allegations


  • Business plans targeting targets around the world based on influence, including those closely associated with foreign governments such as China and Russia
  • Plans based in the United States where the Biden family scammed investors out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. All with the participation or knowledge of Joe Biden
  • Whistleblowers describe President Biden as “Chairman of the Board” of these companies. He personally participated in meetings and phone calls.
  • The Biden family sought cases in 50 countries. On the international side of the Biden family business, the deals were often led by Hunter Biden
  • Among the dozens of shell companies the Bidens created, there were millions of dollars in wire transfers, flights on Air Force Two to handle personal business, and meetings with heads of state, all while Joe Biden knew what was happening.
  • Biden family amassed over 150 SARs. A SAR generated by a US bank to the Treasury Department links Hunter Biden and his business partners to international human trafficking, among other things
  • Evidence Hunter Biden tried to circumvent these SARs, with the help of his financial adviser, who happens to be a former Clinton administration official
  • One of Hunter’s closest associates – Eric Schwerin – had access to Joe Biden’s money and wrote checks to pay Hunter back. Schwerin handled Biden’s international deals around the world while a frequent visitor to the Biden White House
  • One of these deals involved the sale of US natural gas to China. There is some evidence that Joe Biden secretly owned a 10 percent equity stake through his son
  • Domestically, Jim Biden – Joe Biden’s brother – used the Biden name to enrich himself in exchange for a promise that when Joe Biden became president in 2020, business partners would get rich by having access to a future Biden administration

Details emerged as Republicans beat expectations for congressional probes.

They presented their plans the day after winning 218 seats in the House — enough to secure control of the lower chamber and investigative powers in majorities on committees.

In doing so, they sought to prevent the Democratic defense from claiming that Hunter Biden is a private citizen who should not be the subject of congressional investigations.

But Representative James Comer linked president and son, accusing Joe Biden of being “chairman of the board” over his family’s business dealings and even claiming the White House spent more than $250,000 to cover negative stories about Hunter. to fend off.

“This is an investigation into Joe Biden,” he said. “I think we’ve provided evidence of why we think it’s important, and we’ll continue with that.”

He later said, “We’re trying to stay focused on — was Joe Biden directly involved in Hunter Biden’s business deals and has he been compromised?”

Comer said he would even like members of the Biden family to testify before the House if asked, but said the main focus of their investigation at this point was to access banking records.

“As part of our investigation, we have shared, if not shared, evidence that Hunter and Joe Biden’s finances, credit cards and bank accounts were mixed,” the Republican lawmaker said.

“One of Hunter’s close associates, Eric Schwerin, had access to Joe Biden’s money and wrote checks to pay Hunter back.”

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