<pre><pre>A mysterious Google & # 39; media device & # 39; appears in new FCC archiving

A new Google gadget has just appeared under an FCC request that … well, it's a bit unclear what it should be exactly. The submission identifies the product as a "media device" under model number H2B, which, as noted by Droid Life, fits the naming scheme of the Google Home (now Nest) product line. The original Google Home, Google Home Max, Google Home Hub and the Google Nest Hub Max are referred to as H0A, H0B, H1A and H2A respectively.


The FCC documents also show that the device is powered by a 3.8 V lithium ion battery, suggesting that it is something portable or at least designed to have a backup source. There is a label for the bottom of the product that shows a thin, pill-like shape for the base, but no indication of product dimensions.

Image: FCC

That makes us wonder what this upcoming Google Home / Nest device could be. Previous FCC requests for home and Nest devices with a screen give & # 39; video & # 39; in the archiving, indicating that this product may not have an interactive screen. The Nest Guard, the base station of the Nest Secure home security system, also used lithium-ion batteries as backup power in the event of a failure, so we have seen that Google used batteries previously as an emergency power system – not necessarily for portability.

With the recent Nest rebrand from Google, it would be no surprise if the company continues to expand its smart home offering, but your guess is just as good as mine when it comes to a gadget with a backup battery and yet also a "media device" in the smart home category. An updated Nest door lock without Yale? Maybe even a portable in-car device a la Echo Auto?

The FCC's confidentiality around the full details will expire on November 27, 2019, so we can learn more about it at Google's annual hardware event in the fall. Until then there is nothing like a little gadget mystery to send us to the weekend.