Home Australia A mum complained about the cost of food at Coles after comparing their store to Aldi… but not everyone is on her side after noticing a small detail

A mum complained about the cost of food at Coles after comparing their store to Aldi… but not everyone is on her side after noticing a small detail

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In a TikTok titled 'Come with me to get ripped off at Coles', Alondra Gataé from Melbourne showed the stark difference between prices at the two supermarkets.

A mum has divided Australians after complaining about the cost of groceries at Coles and comparing them to Aldi.

Alondra Gataé, a mother from Melbourne, expressed her frustration on TikTok and revealed she had spent $72 on eight items at Coles.

In his video, Gataé said that for $100 more he bought a cart full of groceries at Aldi.

Social media users were mixed, criticising Gataé saying it was an unfair comparison as she bought brands at Coles that were usually more expensive.

Gataé showed the eight items she bought at Coles and then the cart full of her purchases at Aldi.

The Coles items included deodorant, protein pizza slices, frozen dessert sticks, cottage cheese, a shower glove, an avocado and two cartons of free-range eggs.

Mrs. Gataé showed both receipts, comparing the enormous difference.

“Someone make it make sense,” he said.

In a TikTok titled ‘Come with me to get ripped off at Coles’, Melbourne’s Alondra Gataé showed the stark difference in prices between the two supermarkets.

‘Make sense of how an extra hundred bucks or so equals a two-week cartload of Aldi groceries. Coles, you suck.

Some social media users criticized Gataé, saying he had made an unfair comparison.

“If you’re trying to save money, why did you spend $25 on two cartons of eggs?” one responded.

Another agreed: ‘You can’t compare when you buy super expensive eggs with home brand ones.

“Even Aldi sells organic eggs. Buy unbranded eggs and compare.”

‘What is it? Look at the items you brought to Coles…now go buy those items somewhere else where the cost will be the same…stop lying,’ wrote another.

“Buy the SAME items at each store, or it’s not a true comparison,” wrote a fourth.

Others were quick to sympathise with Ms Gataé.

‘Coles and Woolies are real criminal thieves…they say Aldi isn’t as cheap as it used to be…I really miss Aldi in Tasmania,’ one wrote.

“Everyone should stop shopping at Woolworths and Coles for 1 month,” wrote another.

One added: “Just don’t shop there.”

Gataé described some of the responses as “very crazy” in response to the criticism.

“Eight items, regardless of what they’re from Coles, shouldn’t cost you $72,” he said.

She said the only reason she shops at Coles is to buy items she can’t get at Aldi.

“Otherwise, I wouldn’t set foot in that place.”

In her video, Ms Gataé complained about how just eight items at Coles cost her $72, when for $100 more she bought a cart full of groceries at the German competitor.

In his video, Gataé complains that only eight items at Coles cost him $72, when for $100 more he bought an entire cart of groceries at the German competitor.

A Coles spokeswoman told Daily Mail Australia they encouraged customers to do their own price comparisons.

“We are always working hard to deliver value to our customers, particularly with continued cost of living pressures, including higher mortgages and rents, energy and fuel,” he said.

We know that customers are always looking for great value and Coles prices always aim to deliver that.

‘We offer great value, from thousands of weekly special offers to long-term Down Down promotions that give our customers price certainty on specific products over an extended period of time.

‘All of our current prices are clearly available on our website, our app and in-store, and we know customers look at them every day.

‘We invite our customers to make their own price comparisons; however, in the case of this video, it is not clear if like products are being compared.’

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