A Mexican Drink the Whole Family will Love

When you think of Mexican drinks, the margarita must come to your head. But the truth is so much deeper. There are many interesting Mexican drinks that you can enjoy with your family. 

Mexican drinks are known for their incredible variety and unique flavor profiles. The variety of drinks extends from cold drinks, hot drinks, drinks with booze, and of course the simple non-alcoholic beverages. 

Due to the awesome variety, it is exciting to make an effort to sample enough beverages to find a favorite Mexican drink for each family member.

Types of Mexican drinks

As mentioned before there are a great variety of Mexican drinks for you to try. You can try a few of the following beverages to find a Mexican drink the whole family will love. 

  • Margarita: as you probably know, one of the most famous Mexican drink is the margarita. It can easily be bought from stores or even made at home using a quirky mixture of lime juice, fresh lemons, and sugar. There have been interesting margarita flavors available as well, such as watermelon. 
  • Michelada: if you and your family like the idea of a spicy drink that is easy to make, look no further. The Michelada is a typically spicy Mexican drink that is made from the bomb shell combination of lime juice, Mexican lager, and… a dash of your favorite hot sauce! 

Some people are also known to add a touch of Worcestershire or umami-based Maggi sauce for the added kick!

  • Horchata: this is a traditional Mexican drink that is made using a balanced blend of almonds and white rice. Its texture is famously thick and luxuriously creamy that with a dash of sugar is made delightfully sweet. 

If your family features people with a sweet tooth, this might be just the thing for them. Horchata is also interesting as when it is combined with rum, it transforms into a delightful cocktail. 

  • Bloody Maria: this is one of the most special Mexican drinks that is available. Usually served and drunk during fun family brunches, the Bloody Maria is a fun filled drink that is bound to add a touch of color to all kinds of family gatherings. Many adventurous Mexicans are also known for adding a splash of jalapeno juice to give an extra zing to their drink! 
  • Agua de Jamaica: if you and your family are fond of iced tea, you should definitely try this drink. It is made from just four ingredients namely dried up hibiscus flowers, lime juice, sugar, and water. It is super easy to whip up and is known for being extremely refreshing. If your family likes vigorous physical activity, this is the perfect drink to cool them down.

Hot Mexican Drinks

It may be of interest to know that there are some hot Mexican drinks for you to try with your family. 

  • The Champurrado: this is a hot, creamy textured chocolate based drink that is adored by all those in the family who are crazy about chocolate. Whether you drink it on its own or pair it with a brownie, or even a scoop of vanilla ice cream. This hot drink is the perfect thing to curl up with after a family dinner. 
  • The Carajillo: this coffee-based cocktail beverage can be served either piping hot or ice cold, an manages to be refreshing either way. 


As you have seen there are quite a few Mexican drinks that are unique and interesting enough to excite you enough to try. Mexican drinks can be cold, hot, and even alcoholic, so there is something for everyone to try! 

I hope this guide helps you find a new favorite drink for your family to enjoy!