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A massive fire devours a building in central Sydney


Firefighters are fighting a huge blaze that broke out in a large multi-storey building in central Sydney, while emergency services cordoned off the area.

More than 100 firefighters battled towering flames and thick smoke from a blaze that ripped through a seven-storey building in central Sydney on Thursday, as emergency services cordoned off the area.

Footage posted on social media showed the flames reaching a height of about the height of the building itself, while firefighters were trying to contain the fire that broke out in a building near Sydney Central Railway Station, and the fire also spread to a car that was parked near the place.

Fire and Rescue NSW said in a statement: “The building has begun to collapse, and the fire has spread to several nearby buildings, including flats.”

“There is a horrible fire in Surrey Hills in my constituency. Please stay safe and follow the instructions of the emergency services,” MP Tanya Plibresek said in a statement on Twitter.

The sirens of emergency vehicles echoed through the streets of the city, and the emergency services confirmed that they had deployed more than 100 firefighters, with 20 trucks, and said: “We urge people to avoid the area, while continuing firefighting operations.”

A New South Wales Police spokesperson said there were no reports of injuries at this time.

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