A love story of First Class Trouble

As you walk through the dining area of ​​First Class Trouble’s upscale restaurant today, you may notice that something looks a little different. One of the tables now has a reservation card, a small but important and lasting change.

When you think of First Class Trouble, you probably associate it with all the lying and backstabbing it takes to win. After all, our slogan is: “Where cocktails last longer than friendships”. But honestly, we always envisioned First Class Trouble as a game that would bring together players from all over the world and create a cool place for the community to hang out.

Little did we know, however, that a romance was brewing aboard the Alithea.

We first met Adrianna and Henry when they announced their engagement to the First Class Trouble community on Discord. We were so touched by their story that we wasted little time in contacting them for more details.

“Our story started when we met in the lobby of First Class Trouble and we clicked right away, or at least each other with champagne bottles,” said Adrianna. “We were lucky to be in line for the next three games. After finding out how good we were at finding Personoids and being such a great team, we decided to exchange details!”

From there it was a matter of pure chemistry.

“When I first messaged, I immediately said he had a funny accent, since he’s from the UK, and I from the US. And he said, ‘They messed up in the Personoid factory.’ From that moment on I was sold!”

We’re pretty sure Henry isn’t quite a personoid, but you can never be quite sure. Luckily for Adrianna, though, he hasn’t shown any real loyalty to CAIN…yet.

“We played First Class Trouble every day for three months, hanging out, talking and falling in love. It wasn’t long before I flew to the UK, and less than a week after I arrived we were happily engaged! We’re getting married on November 21, 2021. The happiest we’ve ever been, all thanks to our meeting in First Class Trouble, so we’d like to thank the team for making such a great game that works so well for bringing people together! ”

After hearing this, the developers of Invisible Walls immediately began brainstorming ways to honor Adrianna and Henry’s story in the game.

“How can you as a person, developers and artists not just feel happy that something you’ve created can bring people together like that? It should be celebrated,” said Niels Wetteberg, CEO of developer Invisible Walls. “We wanted something that was available to the entire community, but also something that would stand as a ‘forever’ tribute. We had a few ideas, but none of them seemed to have the level of romance needed to complement something like that. So the table in the Restaurant level is now forever reserved for Adriana and Henry, and the wedding attire we created is now available in a DLC pack for anyone who wants to celebrate love.”

Andreas Bech, Art & Design at Invisible Walls, was given the responsibility of combining wedding fashion with the established time period and theme of First Class Trouble.

“There is a lot of thought put into every piece of content that we do. Even though we have a lot of quirky outfits in the game, every piece has to always stay within the time period,” Andreas said. “For example, we tried to make most of our dresses and suits to design with a high waist, which was very characteristic of clothing at the time.”

And where do you turn for such specific inspiration?

“For the bridal gown and tuxedo in particular, we were inspired by some unusual vintage designs, but wanted to add our own personal touch,” says Andreas. “That’s why we added a red flower to the tuxedo and embroidered the dress to give it a more formal wedding look. And of course, no wedding is complete without the rings!”

The story of Adrianna and Henry reminds us that video games are pretty awesome. They provide us with countless hours of compelling storytelling and satisfying gameplay mechanics to immerse ourselves in, but they also have the power to bring people together in a way unlike any other form of media.

They can create meaningful friendships in real life and in some cases even help us find our soul mates. And for everyone else… well, that’s what the mute and block functions are for.

We are so happy to have met Adrianna and Henry, and so excited to be honoring their story in First Class Trouble. The Wedding Pack DLC is available now on PS4 and PS5 and includes:

  • Black suit (jacket, pants and shoes)
  • White dress
  • Golden ring

So put on your most stylish clothes and celebrate the union of two great Residents.

As a reminder to PlayStation Plus members, First Class Trouble can be added to your game library until Monday, December 6.

*PlayStation Plus is an ongoing subscription with recurring charges until canceled. Age restrictions apply. See here for full terms and conditions. Monthly PlayStation Plus games are only available for the duration of your subscription.