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A kind stranger paid my shopping bill when I realised I didn’t have enough – just because I’m struggling doesn’t mean I’m a bad mum

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A mother-of-three was left in tears after the kindness of a stranger allowed her to pay for her weekly groceries.

Beth Nelson, from Denton, Tameside, had tears in her eyes. Tic Tac as she explained she couldn’t afford the weekly grocery shopping for her family of four.

The young mother said she approached the till when she realized she wouldn’t have enough to pay her family’s £41.65 food bill.

The distressed mother was thinking about what items from her already small but necessary grocery store she should put back, when the kind stranger came to her aid.

A visibly emotional Beth shared on TikTok how a good Samaritan showed up to pay for her groceries, telling her that just because she’s struggling right now doesn’t mean she’s a bad parent.

Beth Nelson (pictured) has struggled to recant her inability to pay for her family’s groceries. She told viewers she had to ‘run home to cry’

As she placed her camera on the few items she was able to get for just over £40, the mother-of-three sobbed: “I literally had to run home to cry.”

A teary-eyed Beth told her TikTok followers of around 18,800 that everyone in the queue started looking at her, as she realized she was running out of money for her store .

In a video which now has more than 140,000 views, the mother-of-three cried: “I got to the checkout and I didn’t even have enough. People were looking at me.

The struggling mother began to assess which essential items her family would need more of.

Fortunately for Ms. Nelson, a buyer who would have been in a similar situation before stepped in to help her pay the bill.

But when the kind stranger asked Ms Nelson for a chat outside, the mother-of-three feared the worst.

She was afraid that the woman would scold her when she set foot outside the supermarket, or worse, that she would call her abusive words and names.

But to the mother’s surprise, the charitable stranger wanted to send her a few words of encouragement.

The struggling mother-of-three was left embarrassed as other shoppers stared at her when she didn’t have enough to do the weekly shopping for herself and her three children.

Ms Nelson had to hold back tears as she revealed a kind stranger offered to pay for her groceries, while reassuring her that she was not a bad mother despite her struggles.

She even gave Ms. Nelson some money to help the family get through the rest of the week.

Managing to catch her breath while temporarily stopping her sobs, Beth said, “The woman was really nice.”

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The mother-of-three continued: “She gave me a huge hug and told me she had been in the same position before.”

Doing her best to hold back tears, Ms. Nelson added: She reminded me that just because I’m struggling right now doesn’t mean I’m a bad mother.

The woman shared with Beth that there are relatives who can understand her plight because they too have been in a similar situation.

Beth told how the kind stranger reminded her how many people had been in the exact same situation as her at the supermarket checkout.

People flooded the mother-of-three’s comments section to share their own financially precarious experiences.

One wrote: “I know it too well. I have to earn £20 for myself and my son every week. I don’t mind him not doing it, you’re a great mum, doing her best.’

Another chimed in: “I know this feeling too well. Currently, on the third day, I don’t eat so that my children eat and have gas and electricity. I hope things improve for you soon.

People flocked to the comments to offer support for the struggling mother of three, with a flurry of similar experiences from many commenters.

One person described “crying for weeks” after a woman bought her diapers because she didn’t realize she didn’t have enough on her bank card.

Others praised the mother-of-three, with one commenting: “Please don’t ever think you’re a bad mother because you struggle.” You are doing the best for your family and that is all you can do.

Some called the charitable stranger “one of God’s angels,” and many encouraged the mother of three to pass on her kindness.

One user wrote: “This lady was there for a reason. I guarantee your chance will come to be that lady.

Ms Nelson assured viewers she would pass on the good deed once she was “back on her feet”.

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