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A Guide To Wood Furniture

Wood has been known for furniture since ancient times. The practice of furniture making started in prehistoric generations by crafting simple and basic furnishings.

Today, wood is still considered the best material for furniture because of its natural properties. It offers a warm touch to any space and offers good value.

There is plenty of fine wood furniture in a variety of woods. Identifying these characteristics will help you pick the right furniture for your home.

This article will show you how to examine a piece of wood furniture. Details and identifying marks can help you determine the kind and quality of wood used to create it.

The Characteristics of Wood

The strength and character of different types of wood make it possible to choose the type of material, finish, and elegance that best suit your vision. How do you describe and characterize wood? Here are its different properties:

  • There are two types of wood — hardwood and softwood. The primary difference between hardwood and softwood is the origin of their growth. Each tree species has its unique characteristics, growth rate, and properties. How do you know what type of wood you have? Usually, softwood is delicate and spongy, whereas hardwood tends to be tough and robust with a grain pattern that is quite pronounced.
  • Colour and Grain. If the cell walls of a tree have large spaces, it is said to have a coarse grain. The wood from trees with coarse grains has wider and fewer cells. Softwoods such as pine or fir have large spaces between the wood cells. Hardwoods like oak, ash, and fruitwood have small pores between the wood cells.

How To Assess Wood Furniture

After you learn about the characteristics of a piece, it’s time to check out the actual furniture. Seeing it for yourself can give you some clues to the furniture’s history. Depending on the type of wood used, your furniture may have been made when lumber was scarce or easy to acquire, or it could have come from a local factory.

First, examine the piece. Is it antique? If you are purchasing used furniture, make sure to check out how old it is. It would help if you also looked at its colour. The colours of wood will vary from tree to tree. However, its tone will be consistent within its species. The intensity of the colour may change over time, but its quality will remain. Some woods offer unique colour characteristics. For example, poplar woods have green undertones, while rosewoods have dark tinges.

Wood Combinations

Another thing to consider when choosing wood furniture is wood combinations. Wood combinations are a common practice in furniture design. It is used in many modern pieces of furniture today. One of the reasons why wood manufacturers utilize wood combinations is to keep costs down.

The thing with wood combinations is that they will eventually need refinishing. You may need to finish and stain the wood to match the main wood of your furniture.


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