A Google Cloud Platform Cheat Sheet For Software Companies By Experts

GCP or the Google Cloud Platform belongs to the leading and most famous players of the service market and cloud computing. We can not deny the expertise that Google has in running data centers.

If we look at the public cloud vendor services, along with Microsoft Azure, AWS GCP has secured a place in the top three names. Google is the top search engine across the globe. And the high-level provided service has made it successful in the marketplace.

What Is Google Cloud Platform Or GCP?

You may be wondering what GCP or Google Cloud Platform is? Here I will tell you about this. Let’s keep it simpler. The group of cloud computing services and products that are offered by Google is defined as GCP or Google Cloud Platform.

This cloud service provides the users and clients to compute or store data. In addition to this, it also allows all the web developers not only to build and also to test and deploy applications. Yes, this is an amazing thing by Google.

The Architecture of The Google Cloud Platform

The architecture of Google Cloud Platform or GCP is a variant of computing architecture. It includes the formation of one or multiple logical software cases. And apart from that above, the primary software also executes them.

The architecture has multitenancy. And this allows several users to execute in a single software environment simultaneously. This becomes possible with different user services, resources, and interfaces.

Advantages Of Google Cloud Platforms

So, now you have the basic idea about GCP or Google Cloud Platform. And as a part of the essential information of Google Cloud Platform, it is also necessary to get some idea about the benefits that will give you an answer for Why to sell on gcp google. So, let’s look into the benefits.

High Productivity

Every week, in delivering updates, the system of Google is proficient enough. It accelerates the path of higher efficiency and productivity.

Easier Adaption Of New Functionality

Through a stream that is continuous enough, Google manages to deliver improvements. These improvements are manageable enough and also involve lesser batches of changes.

Employees Can Work Remotely

To its employees, Google Cloud Platform offers great advantages. And one of them is remote working. Regardless of the location, GCP provides full access to information across devices through all the apps that are powered by Google cloud and also web-based.

Quick Collaboration

The cloud computing service allows all the users to access various projects easily and simultaneously. And on the other hand, at the same time, instead of saving data on their personal system, it is being saved in the cloud.

Enhanced Security

Google is always very particular about the top-notch security of data. And for providing customers all the enhanced security services, Google employs leading security experts.

Lesser Data Vulnerability

At a minimal level, Google Cloud Platform allows its users to store data on their very personal computers. If the web-based apps are absent in the cloud platform, those pieces of data that are stored in personal computers are much more vulnerable to any security breach.

Control And Flexibility

As a Google Cloud Platform user, there is no need to worry about the control over technology along with ownership of their data that are stored in Google apps.

In addition to this, in case any user decides not to use any service further, at any point in time the user can pull out the data of the Google Cloud.


Google Cloud Platform or GCP offers computing, storage, database, data and analytics, hybrid and multi-cloud, AI or ML, networking, IoT, gaming, management tools, identity and security, developer tools, migration to GCP, and many more platforms as well.