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A gift for the king! Charles receives new show horse from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police


A gift for the king! Charles Receives New Show Horse From The Royal Canadian Mounted Police – After Selling 12 Race Horses From The Late Queen Elizabeth

King Charles has been given a new horse by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police months after he inherited his late mother Queen Elizabeth’s racehorses.

Noble, a seven-year-old black mare, is adjusting to life at the Royal Mews in Windsor, the palace said in a statement.

The horse, which stands 16.2 hands high, toured in 2022 with the ‘Mounties’ Musical Ride, where she took part in 90 public performances at 50 different locations in Canada.

She was bred and trained in the country and got her name through the Mounties’ annual Name The Foal competition.

And a sweet photo showed the king fussing over the esteemed mare, who has a black coat.

King Charles got a new mare from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (pictured meeting the horse at Windsor)

Charles would be ‘happy’ to meet Noble at the Royal Mews earlier this week.

The move follows a long tradition of the Mounties donating horses to the royal family.

The relationship between the Royal Family and the Corps dates back to 1904 when King Edward VII bestowed the title of Royal on the North-West Mounted Police making it the Royal North-West Mounted Police.

The Mounties gave eight horses to Charles’ mother, the Queen, during her reign, starting with Burmese in 1969. The Queen rode Burmese at Trooping the Color for 18 years.

The King proudly looks up to Noble as she settles into life in the Royal Mews on Windsor Estate

The King proudly looks up to Noble as she settles into life in the Royal Mews on Windsor Estate

Last year, the king inherited the racehorses of his late mother, Queen Elizabeth, after her death in September. However, the following month he sold 14 of the steeds amid rumors that he wanted to cut back on her racing business.

A source said at the time: ‘The bond between the family and the horseracing industry will continue.

“The desire is to continue the traditions and connections with Royal Ascot, but not on the same scale as Her Majesty because she had a passion.”

However, Noble is more of a show horse than a racehorse.

The King’s new gift comes during a week of major changes for the Royal Family in a reshuffle of royal titles.

On Friday, when his youngest brother, Prince Edward, celebrated his 59th birthday, Charles bestowed upon him the title of Duke of Edinburgh, making his wife Sophie, 57, Duchess of Edinburgh.

The king fulfilled a long-held wish of the brothers’ late father, Prince Philip, who had said before his death in April 2021 that he wanted Edward to inherit the title.

But it wasn’t the only change made this week, as the titles of the Duke and Duchess’s children were also officially updated on Buckingham Palace’s website.

Following reports that their 21-month-old daughter had been christened last week in Santa Barbara, California, the Sussexes released a statement confirming the news naming the toddler “Princess Lilibet Diana.”

The couple added that the title was her “birthright.”

After the statement was released, the palace responded that it would update the titles of the Sussex children, as well as the line of succession, on its website.

The children now read as Prince Archie of Sussex and Princess Lilibet of Sussex. They are sixth and seventh in line to the throne, behind their father Prince Harry.

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