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A drunk Brett plows his car into a German brothel after breaking his arm while fighting with security


Unhappy Ending: A drunken Brett plows his car into a German brothel after fighting with security over quality of service

  • British men, aged 19 to 26, smashed a Honda Civic in a brothel in Cologne
  • This came after one of them complained that he was “not completely satisfied”.

A drunk British tourist smashed his car into the front of a German brothel after his friend, who was said to be “unhappy” with his experience, fought with security when he refused to pay.

Local police said the two men, whose identities were not revealed, had an argument with staff at the Eros “Das Bordel” center in Cologne.

The older tourist, 26, was “not entirely satisfied” with his stay at the brothel, Build Reports, he got into a fight with security that resulted in a broken arm and head injuries.

He and his friend, aged 19, who were believed to be under the influence of alcohol and drugs, then jumped into a Honda Civic and drove it “full speed” into the building’s glass doors.

A boss at the brothel said that the older man “groped and threatened the woman he was in a room with, which is why they were both kicked out before he had any sexual act.”

Local police said the two men got involved in an argument with staff at the Eros “Das Bordel” center (pictured) in Cologne around 10.40pm on March 8.

The deputy general manager, who asked not to be named, said the fight only broke out after the men attacked the brothel during their visit around 10.40pm on 8 March.

The brothel staff are said to have been using clubs, and the older man, from London, was taken to hospital from his injuries.

The Britons also smashed a taxi parked outside, according to the news site T online reports.

The head of the Eros Center said the taxi prevented further damage to the building and anyone inside.

They had to move in there first, and that’s what stopped them. Then they retreated until they came back.

“If someone had been standing behind the glass, they would have died.”

Wreaking havoc, the couple attempted to flee, and one of them was detained at the scene shortly afterwards.

Patrol officers found the other suspect a short time later nearby, and confiscated his driver’s license and vehicle.

A blood sample was taken from him at the police station.

Police are said to be investigating a total of four suspects, including two tourists and two brothel workers.

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