A Deep Dive into the Oracle Courses, Price, Certification, and more

Oracle provides a wide range of hardware and software solutions aimed at simplifying and empowering IT. The corporation is perhaps best recognized for its superior database software, but it also provides cloud solutions, servers, designed systems, storage, and other services. Oracle has around 430,000 clients in 175 countries, over 138,000 workers, and a revenue of more than $37.7 billion. Because Oracle is so firmly integrated into many firms’ IT infrastructure, learning the necessary skills is critical for almost every techie who wants to work in enterprise and midsized enterprises. As a result, Oracle has created a comprehensive certification program throughout the years.  As a result, it now has six certification levels spanning nine distinct categories, with over 200 separate credentials.  Given the richness and breadth of this program, as well as the quantity of Oracle customers, it’s no wonder that Oracle courses and certifications are in great demand.

What are the most popular Oracle training courses, and why are Oracle skills valuable?

Recently, there has been significant upskilling and cross-training, with tech workers trying to broaden their skill set by becoming certified in prominent oracle cloud certification. From a candidate’s perspective, it makes career sense to add another qualification to their resume to stand out and boost employability. Oracle University provides a digital training library that covers the complete product line of the corporation. However, the most popular Oracle SaaS courses are mostly around human capital management (HCM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP). The topmost sought-after Oracle classes are as follows:

  • SaaS Oracle Financials Cloud: Payables to Cash Management Implementation
  • Oracle Financials Cloud: Enterprise Structures with GL Implementation
  • Oracle HCM Cloud: Configure Enterprise & Workforce Structures
  • Oracle Procurement Cloud: Procurement Implementation
  • Oracle HCM Cloud: Using Global Human Resources

How does one go about launching a profession focusing on Oracle technologies? What are some starting points and initial actions for people wishing to start their oracle java certification?

It is advised that you go through Oracle courses at your own pace. Use technology to work on personal projects while learning as you go. And this is something that practically every tech worker does after five or ten years in the industry.

Where you begin depends on your skill level. Yet, for those just beginning their oracle certified associate journey, it is advised that they start with free training courses available through the Oracle Learning Explorer program. This will give you entry-level courses covering Oracle’s whole product line, which will provide a foundation as you progress to more advanced courses.

Oracle Learning Explorer also includes a skills exam at the end of the course content. Once that is completed, the learner will be awarded an Explorer Badge, displaying their oracle SQL certification success on social media. Following that, you are advised to enroll in one of the Cloud Learning Subscriptions to advance your skill set. After completing the courses, you must be prepared to take a certification test that will authenticate your knowledge of the Oracle technology you are seeking.

The Advantages of Investing in Oracle Training

Oracle University is used by millions of professionals worldwide to pursue online or in-person training courses. Oracle courses are meant to improve your understanding of getting the most out of the Oracle technology you use daily.

Training classes will also prepare you to achieve a well-known Oracle Certification, which will boost your chances of being recruited. Indeed, over 1.8 million working professionals have studied for and passed Oracle Certification examinations that evaluate and certify their technical skills.

Oracle training courses may help you become more informed and efficient, allowing you to use Oracle solutions to produce quantifiable results. Get the most out of your technological investment, differentiate yourself in a competitive global job market, and boost your earning potential.

Exam Cost

Most Oracle Certification tests cost $245. Junior associate tests, geared towards students and a more entry-level audience, cost far less, at $95. Oracle Certified Master examinations, which are day-long, if not multi-day, performance-based exams, are significantly more expensive. Only a few Oracle Certification tests are Master exams. Most test-takers will be at the $245 pricing bracket.

Training Cost

The length of the Oracle courses generally determines the cost of Oracle University training. A live virtual class costs around $772 each day. Thus a 5-day course would typically cost around $3860. Candidates can also choose self-paced instruction given through a learning subscription. For 12 months, these memberships provide 24/7 access to constantly updated training, as well as hands-on labs and certification.

Additional Training Costs

Oracle provides three additional certification preparation tools for the core Java, Database exams, and OCA certification. Practice examinations employ realistic exam simulations to help you prepare and give you a taste of what to anticipate on the actual exam. Test Prep Seminars, accessible on-demand, provide a targeted and fast-paced study of exam material. The exam prep session is included in the packages, a practice exam, an exam ticket, and a free retake if you fail the exam on the first try.

Time Required

You might be wondering how much it will cost to obtain an Oracle Certification. Some certificates require only one test to be passed, while others require two or three. A few certificates also need training. Oracle courses also offer practice examinations. All of this will range from learner to learner and require various amounts of time.