A Comprehensive Guide To Saas Customer Onboarding

In most of the time, customer onboarding is referred to as an umbrella term. It comprises the entire process which users go through when they commence their journey as a user of your product. The experience of the customer from the onboarding process would set the tone for future dealings. 

Incorporating a SaaS app into a workflow is no different from learning a language or a new skill. When your users sign up for your SaaS app, they should have the habit of using the app regularly. With excellent onboarding experience, you can make them use the app on a periodic basis.

When You Need A User Onboarding Process?

SaaS onboarding gains prominence anytime when a user is new to your platform. Quite interestingly, this happens mostly with free trials. Always remember that SaaS onboarding would help you attract and retain new users for a long time. You may also need onboarding when the user upgrades to a new product that has additional features. Onboarding is an essential process for every user with whom you want to foster a great relationship. 

Measuring SaaS Onboarding

One of the most significant ways to measure SaaS onboarding is to opt for user onboarding software. This would help you to get a good view of the insights. The ultimate goal of onboarding is to make users your paid subscribers. Hence, you can measure the conversion rate from a free trial to a paying subscriber. Also, you can measure SaaS onboarding with the help of customer engagement. It would be best if you emphasized your research on:

  • The duration of the login of the user
  • The number of features explored by the user
  • The frequency of logins 
  • The number of paid subscriptions

The Signup Process   

During signup, you should begin to set expectations by gathering data. Always remember that the signup process is a great way to collect information about the users. Moreover, it would be best if you were cautious while asking for new information from your users. Offer a selection to your users to choose from after they have completed the signup process. 

Also, make sure that the auto-fill feature is on so that the process of signing up seems easy and straightforward. You can also include social signup buttons to make the process less complicated. Almost everyone nowadays has a social media account. Social signup buttons make the entire process of signing up smooth. 

Drafting a Welcome Email

The welcome email is quite imperative as it is your first contact with the customer. Make sure that it is written in an engaging tone so that the customers can feel involved. Don’t bombard them with information while sending them a welcome email. Don’t forget to thank them as they have invested time in signing up for the product. What’s more, you can also give them some resources to explore. Perhaps a link to your blog section would help them discover your abilities. 

Apxor is your ideal choice for user onboarding. Their verified mechanisms and processes are data-driven, which makes your endeavors successful.