Health is Wealth. A very common yet a worth saying. Each country has to notify the health matters of its people. Both Public and Private sectors can provide the health care facility. The services made available for the public by the government are through the national healthcare system. Whereas, private health care centre is run through a ‘profitable ‘or non-profitable’ approach. Some self- employed practitioners initiate their health service for general public.

A comparison or debate is going on for decades about the performance of the both sectors or you can say private sector attempts to provide the ultimate facilities which government is unable to offer. This is the reason in low and middle-income countries public services are considered bleak. The key issue is that the public hospitals are cheaper; with less equipments and facilities. In contrast, private sectors take the advantage of this. They facilitate the patients in all the possible and respectable ways to grab more profit. Moreover, the global economic recession has impacted the major constrain on the budgets of government for healthcare because countries are considering to allot more budget for developing the country rather than the health or education. Governments are ignoring these two major categories as they are being highly captured by the private sector. However, the poor people cannot afford the private education either, or the health services.

Why is the Debate Never-ending?

Both the sectors debate that one on other is more efficient.  They try to defend their position by showing the similar cases taken and attended very well. In fact, general public is widely accepting that private sector is more efficient and quick in health care system. Therefore, to end the debate there should be a policy to maintain the level of efficiency and provide the evidences. Another policy to evaluate the effectiveness and quality should be formulated, for both the sectors. All the data should be collected as evidences in a systematic manner, in order to evaluate accurately with respect to the performance of both the sectors.

Other General Services

The public services have to stay alert in every scenario. At times of emergencies or even war, these are the public services that provide first aids to people. The emergency gates of public hospitals are always open for any kind of accidental to worst conditioned patient.  Private sectors are mostly unseen on such difficult situations. The reason is, in spite of providing paramount quality of services, private sector is mostly or undoubtedly working for profit. Their main purpose is to run a hospital as business and then to serve people. If they are serving efficiently, it’s because they charge that much. They do charge a higher amount on the same services which can be offered in cheaper rates. Moreover, the cleanliness is extremely extraordinary in private hospitals and government healthcare places are cleaned once a day may be. But again private campaigns are very less in number, whereas, all the healthcare campaigns are supported by the government i.e. public healthcare system.  We cannot disregard to the truth that public sector is providing a lot more than private sector in many categories. For instance, Iraq which is trying to recover from its past overwhelming crisis; with respect to its territory, people and even integrity has proven to have active service providers. These public services have always been there to serve the people and are available for their people in their bad.


Do you agree that the debate is fair? You might be thinking the same as the general public does. And it might looks like the public sector is inefficient.  But to your imagination, a study made on the performance of the both has revealed that the systematic evaluation doesn’t prove private sector is more efficient or medically effective than the public sector. The reality is, the public sector is habitually appearing to lack timeliness and hospitality towards the patients. On contrary to this private hospitals offer active workers.