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A Christian student is stoned and beaten to death by the mob at a Nigerian school for “publishing profanity”

A student was killed by a mob in northern Nigeria who stoned, beaten and set her on fire over a voice note they thought was blasphemy against the Prophet Muhammad.

The angry crowd dragged Deborah Yakubu out of a security room where she was hiding at the Shehu Shagari school in Sokoto, northwestern Nigeria, and carried out the horrific murder, according to police.

Days earlier, Deborah, who is a Christian, had left a voice note on her class WhatsApp group complaining that there were too many religious posts in a group intended for academic updates.

According to one translation, she said: ‘The group is not created to send nonsense.

Christian student Deborah Yakubu was killed by an angry mob in Nigeria's northwestern Sokoto state for allegedly blaspheming

Christian student Deborah Yakubu was killed by an angry mob in Nigeria’s northwestern Sokoto state for allegedly blaspheming

The mob of angry students set fire to his body with tires.  Then they set fire to the school too.

The mob of angry students set fire to his body with tires. Then they set fire to the school too.

‘It’s built to send past questions, if there’s a test, or if we get homework, not all this nonsense.’

A fellow student responded with a voice note saying that Deborah had just sworn, and the original voice note began circulating among Muslim students in the community.

An angry mob formed to chase Deborah, and the student took refuge in the school’s security room under the protection of security guards. Unfortunately they couldn’t keep her safe.

“The students forcibly removed the victim from the security room where the school authorities were hiding her, killed her and burned down the building,” police spokesman Sanusi Abubakar said in a statement.

Deborah was dragged, beaten and then stoned. Once she died, her body was set on fire and the school building was also burned.

There have been two arrests, believed to be the people in a video showing them celebrating with a box of matches.

“The suspects in the viral video on Twitter have been discovered and will soon be caught,” Abubakar added.

The killing has sparked outrage in the huge African country divided along religious and ethnic lines that sees regular conflict, often sparked by the Boko Haram terror group.

Journalism professor Farooq Kperogi called for the immediate arrest and punishment of the killers.

“Sadly, this type of inconsequential killing of people in the name of avenging ‘blasphemy’ has been going on for far too long in the North,” he tweeted. ‘This must end!’

The Rev. Matthew Hassan Kukah, of the Sokoto Diocese, sought to defuse the religious tensions that the killing would inevitably incite, saying in a statement: “This has nothing to do with religion. Christians have lived in peace with their Muslim neighbors here in Sokoto over the years.

‘This matter must be treated as a criminal act and the law must take up its cause.’

The Shehu Shagari College of Education in Sokoto was quoted as condemning the ‘unfortunate events, which led to the loss of a student’s life at the institution’.

Nigerian activist and comedian Debo Adebayo was among those who condemned the murder and called on the state governor to act quickly in an online tweet.

He wrote: ‘According to multiple reports, Deborah, a student at the Shehu Shagari College of Education in Sokoto, accused of blasphemy, was killed and burned. This is what happens when there are no consequences for actions in society. The government must wake up from its slumber!!

Justice must be done!!! And it must be done quickly! Otherwise, we would be allowing a society in which religious extremists take the law into their hands, kill and destroy. These acts must be strongly condemned so that we do not add more tension and Chaos to a society that is already on the edge!

The murder of Deborah Yakubu is the third or fourth murder of a woman for alleged blasphemy by angry mobs in northern Nigeria.

Christianah Oluwasesin, a Christian teacher in Gombe state, was killed in 2007 when she stopped a student who was entering an exam room with his books, took them from him and threw them outside.

The student alleged that one of the books was the Koran and that a gang was formed to stab her to death. They also beat up the school’s principal for offering Christianah shelter and then burned down three blocks of classrooms.

Opposition candidate Atiku Abubakar tweeted his condemnation of Deborah’s murder but soon removed it after some Muslim supporters vowed not to vote for him.

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