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A British Conservative MP is going to court over verbal racist threats against a Bahraini activist


British MP for the Conservative Party, Robert Stewart, was charged Monday with charges related to behavior and statements carrying “threats”, some of which were of a racist nature, according to the London police.

Police said in a statement that they had received information online on December 18 from a man who says he had been subjected to a “verbal attack of a racist dimension” four days earlier in London’s upscale Belgravia.

British media identified the man as Sayed Ahmed Alwadaei, 36, a pro-democracy activist from Bahrain who says he was tortured in his country and is currently living in exile in London.

A video clip of the incident, published by the BBC, shows Robert Stewart, known as “Bob”, being stopped by a man near the Bahraini embassy, ​​accusing him of receiving money from Bahrain. Get out”.

After the investigation, Robert Stewart, 73, MP for Buckenham constituency in southeast London, was charged with “threatening or abusive conduct or remarks of an aggravated racial dimension…with the potential to cause harassment, fear or anxiety,” according to London’s police.

Stewart must appear in court on July 5.

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