A big change is coming to Australia’s $5 note – and the royal family will no longer be on display

Extraordinary change announced for Australia’s $5 note and King Charles won’t replace the Queen – here’s what you’ll see instead

The Reserve Bank has decided to update the $5 banknote with a new design that honors the culture and history of the First Australians.

This new design replaces the portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. On the other side of the $5 banknote, the Australian Parliament remains.

This decision by the Reserve Bank Board follows discussions with the Australian Government, which supports this change.

The Bank will consult First Australians when designing the $5 banknote. The design and printing of the new banknote will take several years. In the meantime, the current $5 banknote is being issued. It will be able to be used even after the new banknote is issued.

King Charles Will Not Appear On The Australian $5 Note (Pictured Is Counterfeit $5 Note Featuring King Charles)

King Charles will not appear on the Australian $5 note (pictured is counterfeit $5 note featuring King Charles)


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