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A bidding on a metal plate raises its price to 50 million pounds.. What is the secret?!


The bidding on a metal plate on the “Your Plate” website of the Egyptian General Traffic Department, which brought the price of one of the distinctive number plates to 50 million pounds.

Despite the standard price of the metal plate, the number of the increased is only two, which raises question marks about the reason.

The image witnessed sarcastic comments on social media, as one person wrote: “As if there was a vendetta on the painting between the two.”

The plate bore the distinction: “MR 555”.

While the most attractive paintings for bidders were marked “C1”, and the auction was closed a short while ago, and its price reached 1.69 million pounds, as 6 people bid on it.

Other paintings are still on offer, such as: “MHM 2”, whose price reached 455,000 pounds.

metal painting

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