Home Life Style A 19-year-old nursing student who was on an incredible trip died after falling into the sea while swimming at midnight with her friends.

A 19-year-old nursing student who was on an incredible trip died after falling into the sea while swimming at midnight with her friends.

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19-year-old student nurse swimming midnight

Millie Ann Gentry, a 19-year-old nursing student from Gomersal, Kirklees, West Yorkshire, tragically lost her life in an unfortunate accident during a volunteering trip in Ghana. Gentry, who was embarking on a month-long trip to offer her skills and compassion, had only been on the trip for two weeks when the incident occurred on March 17 of last year.

The young trainee nurse, along with two friends, decided to take a swim in the sea after spending time at a pool bar, despite having broken the 10:00 p.m. curfew imposed by the volunteer program. The night swim became dangerous when a wave pushed the group into the ocean. Lewis Mallinson, one of the volunteers and a friend of Gentry, recounted the harrowing moments he and the two girls found themselves fighting against the force of the water, he said. daily mail.

Faced with a terrible situation, Mallinson made the difficult decision to seek help, leaving the girls behind in the tumultuous sea. Erin Byrnes, another friend and volunteer, desperately tried to keep Gentry afloat while she called for help. Despite her efforts, she soon realized the sad reality that Gentry had succumbed to the water. Byrnes herself was later rescued by a group of about 30 locals who continued the search for Gentry’s body.

An investigation into the tragic event revealed that Gentry had drowned and also suffered a head injury during his time in the water. Her mother, Tracy, provided a heartfelt statement on behalf of the family, describing Gentry as a “beautiful girl” with a “bigger heart,” who aspired to dedicate her life to nursing children, through Mirror.

Tracy also shared that her daughter, who was studying nursing at the University of Bradford, was initially hesitant to embark on what was going to be the “biggest adventure of her young life”. It was her relationship with her boyfriend Elvis that inspired her to embrace new experiences and explore.

Christopher Holland, director of The Mighty Roar, the organization responsible for organizing the volunteer trip, testified at the inquiry about safety guidelines provided to volunteers, which specifically advised against swimming at night.

Coroner Martin Fleming ultimately ruled that Gentry’s death was due to misadventure, noting that the friends had become overwhelmed by the water after consuming a modest amount of alcohol before swimming. This tragic incident serves as a grim reminder of the unpredictability of nature and the utmost importance of adhering to safety warnings, especially in unfamiliar environments.

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