9 Tricks Grabbing Reader’s Attention Which Students Usually Miss in Their Writings

Writing is all about grabbing your reader’s attention and making them want to continue reading. Content marketing has really gone far in applying different attention-grabbing techniques. And it is wrong to assume that they do not have a place in academic writing.

Many students would claim that they struggle with standard academic writing requirements, let alone attention-grabbing tricks. However, even though knowing how to cite a research paper is a must, making readers interested in your piece of writing is as necessary for your grade as correct referencing.

Thus, here are several attention-grabbing tricks that students often miss out while writing:


Provoke Readers’ Curiosity with Headlines

Headlines are the first thing that your readers will pay attention to. However, it should be the last thing to add if initial instructions from the tutor do not stipulate your headline. 

Take time to think about what you have just written. Carefully pick up words. Choose those provoking and catchy enough to grab attention and make your reader interested.

Do not make any headlines too long. No matter how good the play of words is, it is still better to be concise.

You Need a Hook

If you are fishing for your reader, you need to know them very well. Think about different matters that can really interest your audience and start your writing by mentioning them. 

You should know that it usually takes less than 8 seconds for your reader to understand whether he or she will continue reading a particular piece or not. If you manage to keep them interested for more time, consider it a success.

Filter Information

When information was scarce, people desperately searched for it to know more. We live in times of overwhelmingly abundant data. 

Thus, if you overload your text with lots of unnecessary facts, you will lose the reader. Make your writing worth their time by filtering and inserting only the meaningful information.

Your Writing Style Matters

You write for different purposes, and the style should match these aims. For instance, Internet ads have their own tone, so should your text. 

Keep in mind who you are writing for and what language they speak — mind readability of your text and terminology that is used. 

If you are writing about IT using professional jargon, be sure those readers who are not in this field will be bored. Do you want them to feel this way? If not, use a simpler language.

Appeal to Your Reader’s Emotions

If you are not bound by strict academic writing requirements, you should make your text personal to grab the attention of your readers

Try to include descriptions and describe your feelings to make your audience visualize what you are writing about. These tactics will work best with all types of personal essays and reviews.

Whatever the text you need to compose, you must transfer feelings and emotions to the people to make them interested in your writing.

Follow the Structure

There are some formulas designed to structure your text in the most appealing way. You can start by explaining the outcomes of the situation, slowly digging into the depth of the problem. 

Or you can list common myths about a chosen topic explaining how they appeared and what really stands behind the issue.

Give Preference to Short Active Sentences

To make your writing smooth, try to use short sentences that are less than 20 words. All long parts are better to be split into several short ones in order not to complicate your writing. 

What’s more, professional writers advise students to give preference to active voice rather than writing in passive. Active voice shows who makes action rather than states something general or, God forbid, generic.

Try to Avoid Unnecessary Details

Do not try to load your text with unnecessary details just to meet the word count. Your readers need to know what exactly you have in mind, but they do not have to know every little detail about it. 

Try to condense your story to what really matters or give a hint of how they can search for more information if interested. In many cases you just need to mention the case in brief.

Book Reading

Final Thoughts

Writing requires skills and creativity. Your professors pay attention to the clarity of the presented thoughts, your appeal, and the issues you discuss. 

Style and references matter, but they should be supported with a nice story that grabs attention. Long words and complex sentences can hardly help in reaching this goal.

Thus, it is better to know some tricks that can help you avoid common mistakes and make your student essays and assignments flow better.