9 new trailers that you have to watch this week

The Deuce closed a few weeks ago with one of the strangest latest episodes of all time. Part of me loves it: the show jumped decades into the future to show how much New York has changed, which has really been the whole story of the show. It also felt like a fan service, to show people how these characters and events were on the road.


However, it is very strange to jump from a very stylized 70/80 to a stylized 2019. It's like seeing a Western pop character appear on a spaceship – just completely and completely out of place.

I'm sure this was part of the point, but when combined with James Franco in old man's makeup, the whole thing felt restlessly goofy. The Deuce has always tried to be so much bigger than it can handle (eg the emotional climax of the last episode occurred during a surprise wedding for a few at best tertiary characters), and jumping forward to the present day was kind of the ultimate demonstration of Which.

View nine trailers of this week below.

Bad boys for life

I think motorcycle pursuits are probably just inherently cooler than car pursuits because the vehicles are more agile and you can see the driver. At least, that is my takeaway from the end of this trailer, where there are a lot of motorcycles and it certainly blows up one. The film appears on January 17.


Oh no, this trailer is only a minute long and I'm already crying across the border. In this respect, Pixar & # 39; s newest looks like it will be good. It will appear on June 19 next year.


Wendy is the first film by director Benh Zeitlin since then Animals of the southern wildernessand the two films seem to have many beautiful things in common. This new representation of Peter Pan from Wendy's perspective it looks magical and charming. It will be out on February 28.



With Apple TV Plus live and the first series of available shows, Apple is now starting to preview what comes next. One is a trailer for a series by M. Night Shyamalan about a fake baby, or a scary nanny, or … a combination of very creepy-looking things. It will be out on November 28.

The banker

Apple also gets a movie starring Samuel L. Jackson and Anthony Mackie about two men in California in the 1950s who buy a bank to help black residents find a home in white neighborhoods. It is based on a real story – and persecution – and comes out on December 6.


Of the three Apple TV Plus trailers this week, Hala is definitely the highlight. It is about a Pakistani American teenager figuring out how to stretch over two worlds – the adventures of high school and the closed world of over-anxious parents. It will be released on December 6.

The new pope

Not seen The young popeI'm really confused by what to expect The new pope. But I like that John Malkovich is in it, I like that there are neon lights, and I like that there seems to be a papal showdown in the cards. The season starts in January.

The two popes

Okay, it has happened twice now that Netflix and HBO released trailers for their upcoming pope titles in the same week. Two popes are involved in both. Both look really good somehow. But like what? How does this happen? This will be released on December 20th.

Color from space

It's been way too long since we had a crazy Nic Cage movie, but luckily Color from space has come along. I just quote Nic here: “Then everything blew up. Great flash. Like a pink light. Or actually I don't even know what color it was. It was not like any color I had ever seen before. "