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9 new trailers that you have to watch this week

As the leader of The Verge’s Pride and prejudice (2005) fan group, I clearly went to have a look Emma last weekend. It was amazing! The trailer scared me that the film would be too stylized and grim, but I was really impressed by how these elements were balanced, while still telling the straight story.

The film uses a lot of stylized humor to set up its characters and world, and then fades it slowly as the drama gets faster. Emma’s father is constantly ridiculous, an important love interest is dressed before he is rebuilt, and a secondary character is annoying to exaggerated lengths, nice to set how she later influences the plot.

Finding that balance between stylized humor and natural stories always seems a challenge, and I love how much it happens here in lineups and payouts. It all tends to work together, with the funnier moments (such as the introduction of an extensive photo frame) to cool down and set up important moments on the road where those ridiculous elements are now only part of the landscape.

View nine trailers of this week below.


Last week HBO released the first trailer Westworld season 3 – but this is of course the case Westworld, there was also a series of hidden trailers that fans could discover … what they did quickly. There are some very cool new images in the above. You can also view two more here. The show returns on March 15.

Tales From the Loop

Chances are that somewhere in the last decade you have seen a beautiful scifi painting online with strange machines in rural landscapes. These paintings by Simon Stålenhag are now being converted into a TV series on Amazon, and so far it seems that the series is building up its beautiful worlds well. The show will premiere on April 3.


Jordan Peele produces this new version Candyman, a horror film from 1992 that investigated racial segregation in Chicago. This trailer usually highlights the slasher elements, but there is of course much more to discover in the film. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II out Watchmen stars. The film appears on 12 June.


One of my favorite films from 2018 was Skate kitchen, which built a fictional story around a completely female skate group in New York City. Now the director behind that film is working again with the same crew skaters to make a TV series around them. It should be sweet. It starts on 1 May.

Self Made: Inspired by the life of Mrs. C.J. Walker

Mrs. C.J. Walker was the first woman in America to become a self-made millionaire, born of enslaved parents and eventually launched a hugely successful beauty product line for black women. Now Netflix is ​​changing its story into a series with Octavia Spencer. It will be out on March 20.

The Eddy

La La Land director Damien Chazelle makes a limited series for Netflix, and it’s clearly about jazz. This teaser does not show much, but it is worth keeping an eye on. The show debuts on May 8.

Charm City Kings

Meek Mill costars in this movie about a teenager in Baltimore crawling over his head trying to participate in the local dirt bike scene. The film debuted at Sundance and has now gone to the cinema on April 17.

Poor education

HBO has released a new film with a wonderfully eclectic cast – Hugh Jackman, Allison Janney and Ray Romano – about a beloved Long Island school inspector who has stolen millions of dollars in recent decades. It is based on a true story. The film will premiere on April 25.

Saint Maud

A24 has a new horror movie coming, and you know what that means. That said, it actually looks much more like a standard rate horror photo with lots of blood and scary religious images. It will be out on April 3.