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9 new trailers that you have to watch this week

I recently looked The souvenir, Joanna Hogg’s partly autobiographical film about a young filmmaker who becomes embroiled in a toxic and emotionally offensive relationship with an older man. While looking up where to stream it, Google presented me the “most voted tags” for the movie (I have no idea how these are generated), which were: slow, boring, pretentious, overrated, confusing, strong acting and “+ 3 more. ” Perfect, I thought.

A fascinating technique that the film uses repeatedly is to obscure the beginnings of things and lead us to events that are far beyond when they started. The entire beginning of the central romantic relationship remains out of the picture, as does the end of a very important argument between the couple. It is disorienting and strange, but it helps to convey the protagonist’s feelings – suddenly above her head, not quite sure how things got this way.

There is apparently a follow-up. The film does not ask for it, but I think it is very cool to make a sequel to a film that traditionally would not be one.

View nine trailers of this week below.


After almost two years out of the air, WestworldThe premiere of season 3 is almost here. This season, the hosts are leaving the park and into the real world where it seems as if they are teaching Aaron Paul that capitalism is bad. Everything about this show has been ridiculous from the start and it seems that nothing has changed. The series returns on March 15.

Amazing stories

Apple is restarting the classic anthology series Amazing stories. The original show came from Steven Spielberg, and his production company is behind the restart, so it makes sense how warm, awesome and Spielbergy all these stories look like. The show debuts on March 6.

The plot against America

This is the latest trailer for this The plot against America, The adaptation of HBO to a novel by Philip Roth about a racist demagogue who shakes America by winning presidency and inciting violence throughout the country. It will premiere on March 16.

Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool

PBS has a new documentary about the life, music and influence of Miles Davis. The film premiered last year at Sundance with positive reviews, with The Hollywood Reporter saying it “contains more rare images and photos than can actually be digested within two hours”, which I think is a compliment. The documentary is coming to PBS on 25 February.

Small fires everywhere

Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington play the leading role in the adaptation of Hulu Small fires everywhere based on the 2017 hit of Celeste Ng. It feels like Hulu is trying to find the following for fans of Big Little Lies and sharp objects, with big stars and a lot of drama and mystery. It will premiere on March 18.

There is something in the water

Ellen Page tells and directs this documentary about how black and indigenous communities in Canada have often sustained the terrible consequences of companies that pollute the environment. It is coming to Netflix on March 27.

I’m not good with this

Netflix has a new YA series about a teenage girl who is starting to develop some kind of bizarre, eleven-like powers that she cannot control. Apart from the strange nightmare conspiracy of monsters that she runs away from, she is usually just surrounded by a colorful and two coming of age story. It will be out on February 26.

Big Time Adolescence

Pete Davidson plays a school dropout that actually behaves the way you would expect Pete Davidson or a Pete Davidson character to perform Big Time Adolescence, a coming-of-age film in which he acts as a very poor role model for a high school student. Hulu acquired the film, so it will be streamed on March 20, a week after it appeared in a number of theaters.


HBO brings one of its European shows to the US and it looks incredibly ridiculous. It’s about time-traveling Vikings and cave dwellers, and I really don’t understand what is happening. The series debuted this week.