9 new trailers that you have to watch this week

A big part of last week The edge team went to watch Hobbs & Shaw, the ridiculous new Fast & Furious spin-off. Most employees of this website have a genuine, bizarre amount of love for this series, and since I've never seen one of the films, I've always been a little surprised about it. But I think Hobbs & Shaw just about everything explains.


Hobbs & Shaw is a good example of how a movie can get a joke and use it to its advantage. The characters are all large, broad, exaggerated caricatures, the plot is so basic that it is insane, and the film likes to do what it has to do to land a joke, a punch or an explosion, even a car chase if that means you have as little sense as possible.

But by bringing everything together into that sharp, super-large action film formula, Hobbs & Shaw can get away with what it wants to do and where it wants to go. There is a lot to make fun of, but in the end that is what you are for.

View nine trailers of this week below.

Little women

I am very enthusiastic about the adaptation of Greta Gerwig van Little women, who combines her again with Saoirse Ronan and seems to be steeped in Gerwig's love for creative, confident and somewhat confused female protagonists. The film is coming out for Christmas. (My fiancé, Lori, also says that I must add, "Timothée Chalamet was born to play Laurie.")


I don't know that I can really describe what this film is about, so I just say: you have to watch this. It is a new film from The host and Snow Piercer director Bong Joon-Ho, and it looks both like a dry comedy and a dark, thrilling thriller. It is coming to the US on October 11.

The morning show

Apple published a teaser for one of its first prestigious TV series – The morning show, a series that seems so far The newsroom but with more star power … and about a morning news show instead of an evening news show. Apple TV Plus is supposed to be released sometime this fall when it debuts.

Dolemite is my name


Dolemite is my name Eddie Murphy plays the lead role (along with a number of other great comedians) as a pioneer in blaxploitation film Rudy Ray Moore. It seems like a funny way to explore and emphasize the rise of an important film movement. The film appears sometime this fall and also plays in some theaters.

Portrait of a lady on fire

Portrait of a lady on fire This year won the top prize for scripts & # 39; s in Cannes, and this trailer shows that it is not really weak when it comes to translating that script to the screen. The film is about two women in France from 1760 and looks like a strange, tense and beautiful romance. It will be released on December 26.

The Death of Dick Long

You wouldn't expect a movie with a dick joke in the title to be that charming. But The Death of Dick Long seems like a slow, strange comedy about two mistakes that try to hide their involvement in the seemingly accidental and foolish death of their friend. It will be out on September 27.

A hidden life

This looks like the good kind of film by Terrence Malick. I mean, okay, there's still a dreamy picture of a baby reaching his arms to become a parent in almost the first 30 seconds of this trailer, but it looks beautiful, dark and, if we're lucky, structured, with a plot and everything. It is coming out on December 13.

American factory

American factory is the first documentary to come from the Obamas & # 39; Higher Ground Productions, the production company they started last year to highlight stories that & # 39; promote more empathy and understanding between people & # 39 ;. It's about a Chinese company that reopens a factory in Ohio and how their cultures clash and eventually come together. It is coming out on August 21.

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

Seriously, I don't get it. Why do you all love the horrible appearance of this property? I don't want it anywhere near me.