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8BitDo’s best controllers now work with iPhone, iPad, and other Apple devices


8BitDo has released a new firmware update for several of its wireless controllers that adds compatibility with iPhones, iPads, Apple TV hardware, and Mac computers running their latest software versions. Whether you already own one or more of these controllers, or plan to purchase one soon, updating them is easy. You can download the company firmware updater for Mac or Windows, which can identify your controller and provide the correct firmware.

The following controllers can now be updated to add support for Apple hardware, with more coming soon, says 8BitDo:

These controllers previously worked on Android and Windows, and a few also offer Nintendo Switch compatibility. Now, with support for iPhone, iPad and more, these 8BitDo controllers can do just as much – if not more – than the Xbox Wireless controller or the DualSense, but at a fraction of the cost.

In addition to working seamlessly across multiple devices, you use 8BitDo’s companion software on Windows, iOS or Android you can reassign controller inputs, switch between saved profiles and install firmware updates.

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