8BitDo adds Xbox media remotes to its line of excellent console accessories

8BitDo has a new pair of officially licensed media remotes for the Xbox Series X, Series S, and the Xbox One, offering a more suitable controller for streaming services or the consoles’ built-in 4K Blu-ray players. Two versions are available: a slightly larger one $24.99 black model with a full numeric keypad and a compact $19.99 white version. Both are available for pre-order today on Amazon, with shipping expected on September 15.

Overall, we’ve loved 8BitDo’s controllers in the past. The Pro 2 controller gives Nintendo’s own Switch Pro controller a run for its money in terms of functionality and is more affordable to boot, while the wireless Arcade Stick is a great way to play fighting games on Switch and PC.

The white model is more compact, but lacks a number pad.
Image: 8BitDo

While only one of 8BitDo’s Xbox Media Remotes has a numpad, both have basically any button you want, including play and navigation buttons, and a mute button. Most of the Xbox controller’s face buttons are also present, including A/B/X/Y, display, menu, and a home button that can wake the docked console remotely. The buttons are backlit, which should help when using the remote in cinema lighting, and power is provided by a pair of AAA batteries.

The new accessory from 8BitDo is far from the only media remote control available for the latest consoles from Microsoft and all older media remotes designed for the Xbox One must also be cross compatible. But 8BitDo’s Media Remotes are cheap, stylish and come from a brand that knows a thing or two about console peripherals. If you are in the market then they are definitely worth a look.