89 New Cases in Shanghai, Beijing Numbers Jump 40%

Shanghai Health Commission reported a total of 11 locally transmitted COVID-19 cases and 78 local asymptomatic cases this morning, Saturday, November 26.

Of the 89 new cases reported, 85 tested positive in central quarantine, while 4 tested positive during regular screening.

That is 3 more cases that yesterday’s 86, and another four new community cases.

New Shanghai cases by district…The 2 local cases that tested positive outside central quarantine were in the following areas:

1 in Baoshan

1 in Minhang

The 9 local cases that tested positive in central quarantine were in the following areas:

3 in Songjiang

2 in Pudong

1 in Jiading

1 in Putuo

1 in Xuhui

1 in Yangpu

The 2 local asymptomatic cases that tested positive outside central quarantine were in the following areas:

1 in Minhang

1 in Qingpu

The 76 local asymptomatic cases that tested positive in central quarantine were in the following areas:

19 in Pudong

10 in Minhang

9 in Yangpu

8 in Baoshan

6 in Qingpu

5 in Jiading

4 in Jing’an

4 in Xuhui

3 in Huangpu

3 in Jinshan

2 in Hongkou

1 in Changning

1 in Putuo

1 in Songjiang

4 new community cases…The good news, if there is any, is that the four COVID-19 community cases were in the city’s outskirts, two in Minhang, one in Baoshan and one in Qingpu.

The bad news is that one of them, a recent returnee to Shanghai from other provinces, had been to both Haichang Ocean Park and the Shanghai Wild Animal Park in Pudong, two popular attractions – so capable of causing quite the infection chain.

Haichang Ocean Park has already announced the suspension of operations, along with its resort hotel. 

Between them, the cases had also visited a gas station, bank, China Mobile outlet and convenience store, along with multiple restaurants, hotels and wet markets in Minhang, Xuhui, Baoshan and Qingpu districts.

We can feel the tide of red codes rippling across the suburbs as we type.

Beijing numbers jump 40% in one day…Things going from bad to worse in Beijing, with 2,595 cases reported this morning, up 735 from yesterday’s 1,860.

That’s an increase of 40% in just one day in the nation’s capital.

Guangzhou districts implement ‘Strict Control of Personnel Movement’Yesterday, November 25, Guangzhou’s Health Commission dispelled rumors that the city would go into a 10-day lockdown.

Shortly afterward, large parts of the city’s Panyu and Tianhe districts implemented what is being called ‘Strict Control of Personal Movement.’ 

Guangzhou’s Baiyun District had already implemented similar measures. 

During this time, residents have been advised that they should not leave their homes unless absolutely necessary, should avoid gathering in groups, while a negative nucleic acid test issued within 24 hours is needed for entry to most places.

Both districts have told residents to work from home. 

The measures went into effect at midnight last night, and are set to last until midnight on November 30… for now. 

Guangzhou reported 7,419 new cases of COVID-19 this morning, a decrease of 105 from yesterday’s 7,524.

China COVID hot spots…Below is a list of places that reported 1,000 or more COVID-19 cases yesterday – locally transmitted and asymptomatic combined – that you would be best advised to avoid like the… like the you know what:

8,396 Guangdong 

7,920 Chongqing

2,595 Beijing

1,719 Hebei

1,533 Sichuan

1,476 Shanxi

1,043 Qinghai

The total cases recorded in China yesterday was 34,909, up 2,213 from the previous day’s 32,696.

That’s an increase of 6.8%.

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[Cover image via NIAID-RML]

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