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8 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Home Demolition Contractor

There can be multiple reasons for homeowners to demolish their houses ranging from extensive damage due to natural disasters to regular wear and tear or a weak structure. If you have an old, rundown house on your property that is past the point of repair, it might be time to hire a demolition contractor to take it down. Or, if you are thinking of renovating your house, there will be a need for partial or complete demolition. Either way, you will require a well-experienced residential demolition contractor to perform the task. However, how can you find the best demolition services among so many options?

This blog is your answer. We have come up with a few key tips to help you navigate your options and choose the best home demolition contractor. Read on to know how-

Determine Your Demolition Needs

You may think of ripping apart a small section of your home to make it spacious or wish to dismantle the entire house. The hunt for demolition services may differ depending on the demolition needs.

If you want to dismantle the entire property, you will have to look for companies dealing in large-scale residential demolition in Melbourne. Since demolition is risky, only companies with ample experience can ace the job without contingencies.

Conduct Your Research

The internet is an excellent source of providing information about house demolition contractors. All you need to do is search for “residential demolition in Melbourne’ and the internet will present you with a long list of demolition contractors.

Here you can go to the website of each demotion contractor and scan through the offered services. You can also look into their completed projects to understand their degree of experience.

Before choosing a couple of demolition services from the long list, ensure they are registered, licensed and insured. It will guarantee that the demolition contractors have completed the necessary training hours and will comply with all the demolition legislation.

Get Quotes From Multiple Companies

Don’t just settle at the first company that is licensed and insured. You can contact a couple of home demolition contractors and ask for quotes from all of them. It will help to compare their services, prices and reviews.

While asking for quotes from each contractor, make sure to present the same questions and put forth similar requirements so that you can easily compare the overall price and services.

Similarly, compare the prices provided by demolition services. Be vary that demolition is a risky business, and you cannot get it at low prices. Therefore, always opt for a contractor who charges a fair rate and avoid the one with surprisingly low rates. The last thing you want is to see the project half-done and lose  your money.

Read Reviews

As you search the internet for the contractor of residential demolition in Melbourne, make sure to scan their social media handles. It will provide ample information about their latest works and how the clients review them. If there are enough genuine reviews and a fair share of positive ones, you can choose to work with the contractor.

Another method to get reviews is to ask family and friends who have recently taken demolition services. They can provide honest opinions and explain each company’s entire process. You can approach the company if their reviews align with your demolition goals.

Get References and Contact Them

Every website showcases testimonials from its clients. However, how many of us care to contact the people who write these testimonials and ask for their opinions? Rarely do we take that step, but doing so will give you a better insight into the operations of home demolition contractors.

You can also approach the demolition contractors to provide references for their latest works. It will allow you to visit the nearest site, meet the homeowners and ask them about the services of demolition contractors, providing a better insight into their work.

Ask Multiple Questions

When meeting with the home demolition contractor, ask as many questions as possible. They have ample experience in the field and can quickly answer you, so present all your queries without hesitation. You can ask them how the demolition will progress, what you will need to prepare beforehand, how much time it will take etc.

Another purpose of enquiring is to see how invested they are in a customer. If you notice any reluctance from their side, consider it a red flag and move ahead with another demolition service.

Ask for Disposal Strategies

Demolition will generate a lot of waste. The company must take care of the waste and take measures to remove it from the site. You can seek home demolition contractors who recycle the waste turning them into usable materials. It will help to eradicate waste responsibly and reduce your carbon footprint.

Watch Out for Red Flags

Being careful from the first conversation with the demolition contractor can help to gauge their experience and intent. Below are some red flags that you must be cautious of while choosing a residential demolition contractor-

  • Is uninterested in answering your concerns
  • Refuses to give a written quote
  • Asks for full payment in advance
  • Prices are too low
  • Doesn’t have an insurance
  • Doesn’t take away the remnants

Summing Up

Reach for a demolition company that is enthusiastic to answer your queries and isn’t hesitant to put all the vital information, such as pricing, equipment used, completion time, etc., on paper.

The Mehri Group is a team of contractors dealing in commercial and residential demolition in Melbourne. With over 20 years of experience in VBA, EPA registration and Worksafe Victoria Class B license as asbestos removalists, the company ace each demolition project delivering ultimate customer satisfaction.