8 Reasons You Need to Leave Pain Pills

If you are struggling with pain and have become dependent, like so many others, on pain pills, it’s time you break-up with them and do your body so much needed and natural good. We’ve listed the following reasons as to why you need to leave pain pills altogether and opt for something more natural for your body. It will do you and your pain a world of difference and the results will be instant. 

Pain Pills Can be Addictive

It’s never good to be addicted to anything, especially pain pills. Most over the counter and prescription pain killers can cause a lasting dependency that most people can’t get rid of. Becoming addicted to painkillers and seriously affect your well-being as well, especially if you are prone to addiction. 

You Can Develop a Tolerance

If you constantly take pain pills, your body over time will develop a tolerance, which will in turn cause you to take more pain pills each time. Your body is an incredible instrument and will learn to adapt to things that you put into it. Therefore, taking pain pills over time means you have to take more to feel the effects. 

They Aren’t Naturally Occurring 


Some pain pills are made with questionable ingredients that have no business being in the body anyway. Pain pills are typically made in labs so there is no telling what actually goes into processing them.  If you can’t pronounce the name of the ingredients, it’s best if you leave them behind. 

Latent Effects

Some pain pills take 30 minutes or longer to finally kick in, which means you are at the mercy of them until they finally work. Even then, they only last a little while and you are left feeling your aches and pains shortly after they have left your system. Because of this, you’re more likely to take more to extend their effects.

They Can Make Your Pain Worse

Over time, pain pills can actually make your pain worse with prolonged use. This is because your body starts increasing the number of receptors or order to get the pain signal to get through the pain, thus putting your body into overdrive. Because of this, once the pain pills make its way through your system, you’ll be left in pain after its effects wear off. 

Pain Pills Don’t Build Your Resistant to Pain

Pain pills are generally thought of as pills to help mask your pain for temporary relief. Because of this, your body isn’t learning how to adapt and overcome the pain and is left to cope with instead of healing your pain instead. Therefore, pain pills aren’t sending the right signals to your body to help it recover. 

It Can Increase Sleeplessness

If you already have trouble sleeping in addition to your chronic pain, the pain pills you are taking may be making it worse. Pain pills can disrupt your sleep cycle so it can either disrupt your sleep or make it harder to stay asleep. Those who use pain pills as a way to help them sleep are actually contributing to the issue. 

They Can Be Expensive Overtime

Like we mentioned earlier, prolonged use of pain pills can not only cause dependency but  tolerance as well. If you are taking pain pills consistently, that means you are having to use more pain pills and take them more often to get the desired effects. Because of this, you will have to keep purchasing them which gets costly over time. 

Leave Pain Pills Behind and Opt For Natural

Instead of relying on pain pills, chose a natural route instead. By choosing natural pain remedies, not only are you putting natural ingredients into your body that your body needs, but you are doing it in a safe and non-addictive way? Next time you’re thinking about grabbing some over the counter pain pills, try thinking again. Instead, pick up some natural remedies and try them instead. You will certainly feel a difference and a lot better.