<pre><pre>8 new trailers that you have to watch this week

Marvel & # 39; s Spider Man films have been a highlight for me at the MCU. What it comes down to is this: they are not so much about superheroes. It's all based on Peter trying to figure out life as a teenager, and his journey and failures as Spider-Man reflect that.


Far from home took a small step away from the very nice high school drama that laid the groundwork for the first film in this series, but it remained sufficiently rooted in that world that it felt more like a genre-infused twist on a road trip film than magical powers / save the world type of film.

These are also films that have understood that having a connection with the villain makes the whole story so much more exciting and powerful. I will admit: I don't think the villain diagram is in it Far from home was logical, but our connection with the character is still going a long way.

View eight trailers of this week below.

Zombie Country: Double Tap

For a movie with exactly zombie in the title, there is surprisingly little zombie action in this trailer. Usually a full decade after the first Zombie Country, it's just the original cast that returns to have fun hanging out in their apocalyptic universe. It will be out on October 18.

A nice day in the neighborhood

It seems far too difficult to tell a story about Mr. Rogers that is simply about Mr. Rogers A nice day in the neighborhood approaches this by going through the eyes of an interviewer who is surprised to discover how friendly he really is. It's based on a real interview, that you can read here. The film comes out on Thanksgiving.

Twin Man

This is the point: if I were a studio manager and wanted to make a lot of money, I would definitely make a movie green with two Will Smiths in the lead. Is the result extremely crazy? Of course it seems. But two Will Smiths are still fighting each other. The film appears on October 11.



Kasi Lemmons, an actor and director who recently sat behind an episode of Luke Cage, this tense biopic directs about Harriet Tubman who turns her work on the Underground Railroad into an action film on the border. It is coming out on November 1.

Jojo Rabbit

So you've just directed a very popular, really successful Marvel movie … what's your next step? If you are Taika Waititi, it is the star as Hitler in a satire from the Second World War that you have also written and directed. If you liked it Thor: Ragnarokyou will probably like this. It will be out on October 18.

Catharina the Great

HBO has one Catharina the Great mini series are coming, and all you really need to know is that Helen is playing Mirren. The series will be released sometime this fall.

The goldfinch

Scoring a trailer with The National is actually cheating, and that is a summary of what I think about adapting The goldfinch until now. It is an emotional book adaptation, and you can see the film trying to keep everything together while jumping between timelines, as indicated by small changes in glasses styles. The film will be released on 26 September.

Angel has fallen

I had no idea that this series was successful enough to make a third entry, but apparently the second was a big international hit. In the third film, Gerard Butler again plays an agent of the Secret Service, except this time that he has to save the president and take flight, The refugee style, after being designed for an attack. It will come to the cinema on August 23.