8 Ideas for a Lucrative Side Hustle

You’ve all heard the old saying: “Money doesn’t buy happiness.” While that is true, money does have the power to provide security, allow for travel, and afford products that make you happy. So sure, money doesn’t buy happiness — but it sure doesn’t hurt to have it.

When you’re saving for a big event or trying to manage your debt, it can be enticing to pick up a second job or a side hustle to pad your earnings from your full-time job. But if you’re going to put in the extra work, you want to be sure the payout is worth it. Don’t settle for a side-hustle with small returns or minimal results. You deserve to invest in something that is going to make you money and be a lucrative form of income for you. As you consider all the options for your additional job, keep in mind these lucrative options of side hustles that are sure to make you a lot of extra cash.

Buying and Selling

There are plenty of ways to earn money when you know how to play the finance game right. Buying and selling stocks can earn you returns without having to do much work. You can simply invest and watch your money grow. Another way to take advantage of accounting opportunities is through direct liquidation. This is when companies end up selling and redistributing their products when the business ends. You can check out liquidation auctions to see what you can purchase at a discount to potentially resell in the future. It’s a hands-on way to buy low and sell higher.


Did you know you can actually earn money by playing video games? Live streamers can earn a hefty income simply by playing by themselves or with a group of gamers and streaming it for the world to see. This side hustle does involve some investment in game servers, streaming equipment, and time practicing your skills. But ultimately, a dedicated server will help you stream better and get into the competition at a much higher level.

Drive or Deliver

If you’re a social person and enjoy spending time driving around, consider a job driving or delivering. Services like Uber and Lyft can earn you an hourly wage as well as customer tips. You can also earn some good money by working for food delivery companies like GrubHub or DoorDash. These are flexible jobs that you can do on your own time.


Real estate can be a great introduction to the world of passive income. By owning a property you can rent out — to full-time tenants or even as a vacation rental — you can earn money without really lifting a finger. This may take some administrative work or hiring a property manager, but investing in real estate can provide high returns.

Pet Sitting

If you love hanging out with four-legged friends, there are plenty of lucrative jobs in the pet world. Pet sitting while people are out of town or even working as a dog walker can earn you extra cash on your time. We all have busy lives, so clients are willing to pay good money for a reliable individual to help walk their dogs or check on their pets when they are unavailable to do so.


Whatever your day job is, you definitely have skills, talents, and expertise that is unique to you. Consider a side hustle where you share that knowledge with the world. Tutor online, teach classes one night a week at your local community center, or create video tutorials. If you have the skills, why not get paid to share them?

Sell Your Stuff

We all have a bunch of crap in our homes that we don’t need. Maybe you can sell some of that stuff for some extra money. Have a garage sale or join an online buying and selling community. Cutting back on your own inventory can save you space and earn you money.


Take Surveys

Did you know companies are actually willing to pay you for your opinions? You can earn money by participating in focus groups or simply by taking surveys online. This can be a great way to make some money by sharing what you think whenever it’s convenient for you.