8 criteria for selecting the best essay writing service


Choosing the best essay writing service isn’t the easiest thing. There are hundreds of writing firms out there, all promising the highest writing quality. But how to find the best one? A few guidelines come in handy when surfing the web for the best essay writing company.

Whether you’re a student looking for school help or a businessperson trying to create an ad, writing services can make your work life much easier. You’ll save a lot of time and energy by outsourcing tedious writing work. However, finding the best writing service means you’ll have to do some digging. Let’s jump right in:

Search for reviews and testimonials 

When searching for a trusty writing firm, the first thing you should do is to search for reviews and testimonials online. 

  • What are people saying about the writing company? 
  • Is there a positive or negative ratio? Do they seem fake or genuine? 
  • Are there any particular problems that stand out?  

Online reviews aren’t foolproof, but they give a general sense of client satisfaction. Keep in mind that numerous businesses sell positive reviews online. So, use critical thinking and read between the lines. Look for anything that stands out. For instance, if people accuse the firm of the same mishaps, it’s better to keep searching.  

Read samples of their writing

Access their website and see if they have any free samples you could read. Scroll through a few paragraphs and make an idea for yourself. Does it read well? Do you spot any grammar, syntax, or punctuation mistakes? 

Likewise, if you notice any typos or grammar issues on their main pages, consider dropping the option. There’s no excuse for writing errors from a writing company. If they’re sloppy enough to allow mistakes on their “business card,” then who knows what else they’ll do to your assignment.  

Ask about the writers’ background

It’s essential to have an idea about the writing staff. After all, you’re going to entrust the writers with important tasks. It would be best if you got to know their study level, language proficiency, and so on. Ask for a social media profile or a resume to make sure the writers are who they claim to be. 

Getting to know the team is especially important for larger tasks such as dissertations or thesis papers. You’ll need native or native-level writers with at least a college degree. Sure, a diploma isn’t a guarantee that the writing will be perfect, but it’s best to have as much info as possible.   

Check their editing policy  

Every writing firm has different editing procedures. Some may provide unlimited reviews, while others none. Make sure you know their revisions policy for later on. You may not even need additional changes, but you never know. If you can’t find the editing policy on their website, request it from customer service:

  • How many revisions can you get per page? 
  • What’s the deadline for a revision round?   
  • Are there any extra fees?

Browse through their disclaimer page

Similarly to the editing policy, you have to examine the disclaimer page. Read it with care, and make sure you understand the terms and conditions. A disclaimer page is a general contract between you and the firm. It highlights the rights and obligations of each party. Here, you should find specifications about refunds, revisions, content rights, etc. 

You can compare disclaimers from various firms to see which one has the most favorable terms. As a general rule, you should ensure that you’re using a ghostwriting service so you can legally bind yourself as the author. Also, check their refund policy in case of missed deadlines, unsatisfactory content, etc. 

Test out their customer service

Reliable customer service makes for a smooth experience. So why not put them to the test? Make a list of all your questions and contact them. Observe their level of care: 

  • Are they giving you short answers or detailed ones?  
  • What’s their schedule? Are they available 24/7?
  • Can you voice call them? Is it free? 

Pretend to have an issue that needs clarification. The customer service representatives should scramble to help you. They should have a problem-solving system that’s fast and effective. Adequate communication is vital, especially in an online market.  

Compare prices and discounts 

Prices differ from one company to another. Try to go for the competitive fees. Paying a low fee might mean lower quality and more extended deadlines. On the other hand, higher fees don’t necessarily mean better service. 

Shortlist your favorite contenders and compare the prices and payment systems. For instance, some companies have fixed rates, while others may vary. Moreover, check their price reductions and special offers. Many companies offer discounts for loyal customers or first-timers.   

Special offers may not make a difference on a few pages or simple tasks. However, discounts can save you hundreds of dollars on lengthy assignments. In any case, legit firms will have their prices in plain view.    

Order a short trial text 

The last point on our list entails a small investment on your part. Order a trial paper and go through the process before committing fully. This way, you’ll be able to see some concrete results from the writing firm. For example, if you’re looking to order a large and complicated task, consider buying just the introduction. You can even test the customer service afterward.  

Finding the best writing company means you’ll have to do some detective work. Search for reviews online to get a general idea. Test out customer service and ask about the writers. Next, you should read their editing policy, disclaimer, and writing samples. Compile a shortlist and compare prices and discounts. Lastly, before shaking hands on a big project, order a trial paper to see how it goes. 


An essay writing service is a for-profit company that writes academic and non-academic papers. The following article offers eight criteria for selecting the best essay writing service. Since most writing businesses are online, the selection process involves using the internet. Mainly, potential buyers should check internet reviews, contact customer service, address disclaimers, read writing samples, and compare prices.