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7 Trendy Traditional and Non-Traditional Wedding Rings Styles in 2022!

7 Trendy Traditional and Non-Traditional Wedding Rings Styles in 2022!

From ancient times in India, marriage is a bond between two families more than the love between the bride and groom. For the modern generation, weddings have become a festive affair and a mix of Indian and western traditions. One such latest addition is the wedding ring exchange during the ceremony.


A wedding ring stands as a symbol of eternity for this relationship between both soul mates, representing the fidelity of their relationship through an old ritual of exchanging rings. These days, fashionable and non-traditional couple ring designs are popular among the new generation.


For many couples today, the traditional wedding ring is not economically feasible. Although engagement rings are gaining in popularity, they are still far from considered necessary. 

Couples can often find themselves opting for non-traditional, more affordable, but just as beautiful wedding rings. There are many options to consider when purchasing wedding rings, both traditional and non-traditional.

Let’s look at seven trendy traditional and non-traditional wedding ring styles that you must consider.

  • 3 Trendy Traditional Wedding Rings Styles

  • a. Traditional Gold Wedding Rings

These days, traditional gold wedding rings are more popular than any other couple ring type. The most important reason behind its increasing popularity is that it looks classic and stylish on every finger size.

There is an option for men to get diamonds embedded in their wedding band, which increases its price, but some may only opt for gold. Usually, the material used for making this type of ring is 18k or 14k solid gold that can be in yellow or white color, depending on your choice.

  • b. Diamond and precious stone combination

This traditional wedding ring comprises diamonds and other precious stones such as ruby, sapphire, or emerald, which adds more beauty to it. However, many prefer a platinum core with an 18k gold coat on its surface for better strength and shine.


Therefore, the preferred precious stone used in this couple ring is a diamond inserted on its surface or engraved into the band. It would cost you more than simple gold bands, but it will retain its worth for a longer time.

  • c. Tungsten Carbide Rings

Tungsten carbide wedding bands are also gaining in popularity due to their shiny look, durability, and scratch-resistant properties. These rings are available for men and women in various designs, shapes, and sizes. It is made up of tungsten carbide, which is naturally black, making it even more stylish on the finger of the wearer. In addition, a tungsten ring can be easily customized with any design engraved on its surface.

  • 4 Trendy Non-traditional Wedding Rings Style

  • a. Titanium Ring:

Titanium wedding rings are becoming popular due to their unique color and availability in many designs, shapes, and sizes. Many men prefer it as it is stronger than other traditional metal bands like gold or silver. In addition, it is lighter in weight than other traditional wedding rings, but it is pricey.

  • b. Silver and Rhodium Band

Silver and rhodium plating rings are pretty trendy these days, as they are more affordable than traditional wedding ring types. They look shiny and stylish on the wearer’s finger, making many women go for them. You can get them customized with your preferred designs engraved on their surface. However, rhodium is used to coat the silver band, making it affordable.

  • c. Stainless Steel Ring

Stainless steel couple ring has a shiny, sleek, and stylish look that makes many women go for it. It comes in different thicknesses or gauges, which you can choose accordingly while purchasing it. This type of band is well polished, making it look like silver, but it is more affordable than silver. In addition, various designs are engraved on its surface, increasing its beauty and appeal to the wearer.

  • d. Composite Band Rings:

The composite band ring consists of two parts; one is made of metal alloy, while the other is made of plastic resin to reduce its weight. The alloy part is silver, while the other part is vibrant, giving the couple’s ring a unique style.

Due to its lightweight nature, it is preferred by many women, but you need to be careful while purchasing this type of band as there are some rings made up of all plastic material which makes them look cheap.

Final words

Which one to choose, traditional or non-traditional wedding ring style?

You should go with what you like the most. It entirely depends on your choice and preference. If you feel uncomfortable wearing a mangalsutra set or traditional type rings, do not wear it out of the blue. Instead, choose any of the non-traditional wedding ring styles.

You can also select mangalsutra designs with stones for your mangalsutra set or mangalsutra style rings, which will make it look more beautiful and stylish on the finger of the wearer. It is all about what you like the most, so keep in mind your budget along with your style preference to get the best wedding ring.

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