7 Tips to Build a Gorgeous Company Culture

Today, companies like Google and Apple have become famous for the amazing company culture that they’ve built over the years. However, most companies have struggled to match the culture created by these two companies. Interestingly, most companies don’t even try to build a company culture. 

However, building a positive company culture comes with numerous benefits, like productivity, happiness, as well as creativity. This is something every leader or business owner should strive to create. But, the question is, how do you build a gorgeous company culture? Here are the top 7 tips to help you in doing so. 

Define common standards, values, and language

For you to build a gorgeous company culture, all your employees must speak in “one” language and clearly understand your values. Everyone working in that company—from the Manager to the cleaners must understand this common language. These values should be written down—it’s a good way of making your culture more visible and tangible. Besides, it helps the company culture to survive the test of time.

Besides, you also need to create common values—which are the principles that guide your employees. These values should be backed by a common set of standards that determine whether or not your employees uphold these principles. At the end of the day, you’ll achieve a cohesive company culture when you have aligned your standards, values, and language. 

Encourage everyone to think positively

You should always encourage your employees to shun away from negativities, and activities that don’t align with your company’s goals. Thus, you should encourage them to think positively all the time—even when it looks like things are getting out of hand or you didn’t achieve the expected results. At the end of the day, positive thinking will lead to positive results. 

As a manager, you should always set daily, weekly, monthly, and annual positive purposes for your team. This helps in aligning the team, and ensuring that everyone is on the same page. 

Create team leaders, not managers

According to experts from Allshore, virtual staffing agency, great company culture should focus on mentorship, not management. Thus, nurturing leaders will play an essential role in creating an amazing company culture. Create flexible work schedules, which allow your employees to work in a manner that maximizes their efficiency. However, flexibility shouldn’t make the employees unmanageable. 

Besides, you should teach your team members how to provide positive and constructive feedback, which promotes productivity, instead of causing embarrassment or shame. Moreover, you should facilitate and contribute to improvement strategies, together with your employees. A good way to encourage leadership is through example. Thus, ensure that you teach your team members patiently and clearly, and always understand that everyone has a role to play in the team. 

Provide constructive feedback

Positive feedback will always motivate those working under you to work harder. Thus, you shouldn’t over-complicate this process at all! Constructive feedback is more effective when given in an informal setting—or during a normal conversation with your team. 

All your employees are not the same. Thus, the ways of delivering feedback shouldn’t be the same for your employees either. This shows the importance of developing personal relationships with all your team members. When your employees trust you, they will always have a positive response to your feedback. Lastly, learn to provide feedback regularly, rather than waiting for an issue to come up for you to give the feedback. 

Lead by example

Your company culture will greatly depend on how you lead. As a leader, you need to examine the values of your company and be the strongest advocate of these values. Besides, you should not depend on the mission to be a solution to every problem—rather, it should demonstrate what your company stands for. 

As a leader, you must lead by example. Moreover, you must be transparent in whatever you do. The last thing you need is to have employees who don’t trust you. Transparency is essential, although it’s hard to achieve. However, it goes a very long way to building a company culture. 

Avoid sacrificing essential things for urgent ones

It’s very easy for a leader to sacrifice important things in the company for an urgent meeting or call with a client. However, this can affect your connection with the team, thus affecting your workplace culture. Leaders must understand that they are the cheerleaders of their company, as well as the glue that brings together the company. Thus, without this connection with your team, the vision, culture, and standards of your organization can negatively affect your culture. 

Encourage workplace participation

This is another good way of building a good company culture. Thus, you should always encourage your teams to understand that their voice matters. Moreover, you should endeavor to promote a company culture that encourages workplace participation, and even rewards the team members for it. Things can become better in your company when you allow your employees to participate in the daily operations of the company.