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7 Sightseeing in Singapore

Singapore is a country that stands out thanks to its modernism, large buildings, lifestyle among others. Being a country highly visited by people from all over the world, these trips are facilitated thanks to the multiple languages spoken in this nation.

Next, we will introduce you to the most touristic places in Singapore, which are an almost obligatory stop when visiting this country. There are many options to suit the tastes and preferences of all individuals.

Gardens by the Bay

This park is composed of three main parts, the east, south and central area, being the southern area the largest of all. Inside the park it is possible to find a great deal of nature and also architecture.

One of the most striking attractions of this place are the hanging bridges, towers and gardens. If you want to enter the flower area, you will have to pay 20$, in this area you can find a great diversity of flowers and plants, surprising all individuals thanks to their beautiful colors and also, shapes and sizes.

Similarly, if you want to go through the walkway that crosses the trees you must pay $ 8. The tour is extremely pleasant, and the best time to go is in the early afternoon, so you can walk around the whole place and enjoy the details it offers.

On the other hand, it is advisable to stay until the evening, so you can enjoy the spectacle of lights and colors offered daily. Also, from this place you can also observe the beauty of other structures of the city and the country.

It is also worth mentioning that it is the perfect place to visit with children.

Night Safari

This zoo opened its doors in 1994 and, as its name suggests, its main attraction is that it is a night zoo. The train ride lasts 40 minutes, then you can take a walking tour that lasts approximately one hour.

It is worth mentioning that this zoo has several species of animals, which can be photographed but without using the flash of the camera. This is a very entertaining activity for both adults and children.

If you want to go to the zoo by bus we suggest you to go on Fridays or Saturdays, since these days the buses run until late at night.

Due to the opening time the animals are quite active, also, during the tours it is possible to hear the sounds of the many animals, which together with nature and darkness produce the sensation of being in the jungle.

Universal Studios Singapore

This park has 7 thematic areas where 28 different attractions and shows can be found. It is based on television and movies, featuring Hollywood and science fiction scenarios.

The park in question is perfect for all ages, being able to enjoy rides, simulators and games. In addition, it is also possible to meet with multiple recognized characters from movies, with which to be photographed.

During the night this park has an incredible illumination, highlighting the

In this way, if you want to enjoy a spectacle of lights and colors, we definitely recommend you to visit this theme park at night.

In addition, inside the park you can also buy food and a lot of candy, so you can spend an amazing evening in the company of your family and friends.

Singapore Flier

This observation wheel is 165 meters high, and it is the second highest in the world. On the other hand, it has 28 large capsules, which have a capacity of 28 people each.

In case you want to take a simple ride on this Ferris wheel, the price for adults is $29, while if you want a ride with drinks and “fast boarding” the price will be $69. It is even possible to rent a full cabin for $1,000 on weekdays and approximately 1,500 Singapore dollars on weekends.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that this is one of the most visited sites in Singapore, from it you can enjoy an amazing view of the city. In addition, thanks to the fact that it rotates slowly, it is possible to observe the whole place in detail.

During the night it is possible to enjoy all the lights of the city. Additionally, the Ferris wheel is also illuminated.


This attraction is extremely popular in Singapore, this creature has a lion head and a fish body, it is worth mentioning that it is used as personalization and mascot of this country, so it is very popular.

From the area where this Merlion is located it is possible to enjoy a beautiful view, besides, you can sit and relax after long walks. It is even considered that if you do not visit the Merlion during your trip, you did not really go to Singapore, since it is an icon of this country.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that at night the view of this place is even better, since the Merlion is illuminated and you can enjoy the view of the entire city illuminated, which is also extremely relaxing.

If you visit this tourist attraction you should not forget to take a picture with the Merlion.

Marina Bay

This area is considered one of the most exclusive in Singapore, where you can find skyscrapers, hotels and exclusive shopping malls. It is also widely known thanks to the Singapore Flyer. Many hotels located here can be booked via karta.com.

Additionally, in its streets you can also enjoy dance performances and lots of art. Likewise, the gastronomy is another of the most relevant aspects of this area, being able to find quite exclusive restaurants and more discreet establishments.

The variety in terms of preparations is quite large, so you can find dishes to suit the tastes of each individual. It is a very touristic place that stands out thanks to all the attractions, activities and places of interest to visit.

Jurong Bird Park

The Wildlife Reserve Organization in the country is in charge of this park, which is also considered a tourist attraction. It was inaugurated in 1971, this site is quite quiet and is very well maintained and preserved.

It is also worth mentioning that it is the perfect attraction to visit with the little ones of the house. The walk is quite pleasant and you can observe a great diversity of birds, on the other hand, it is also possible to enjoy the shows they perform.

In addition, within the facilities you can find a cafeteria and also, multiple games perfect for children. There are also several posters where you can see photographs of the birds and learn more information about them.

When this park was built, one of the main objectives was to allow visitors to escape from the hectic city life. Connecting in nature, relaxing and having fun.

The variety of colors is without a doubt totally amazing, so we suggest you bring your camera, always remembering that it is not recommended to use flash, as it may disturb the animals.

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