7 Cult-Favorite Products Walmart Shoppers Stay Excited About

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Thousands of reviewers support it. (Photo: Walmart)

Walmart is a go-to for the basics – groceries, household necessities – but it’s so much more than that. The place is a treasure trove of incredible finds, including celebrity-backed products, hard-to-find brands, and of course those with a ton of reviews.

It’s also the place to go for links to upcoming movie releases, such as the upcoming Paw Patrol: The Movie. Haven’t heard of it yet? The kids in your life certainly have, and they probably collect anything with the face of Rubble, Rocky, Skye, or Chase on it. Walmart has the best toys and merch to coincide with the release of the new movie (August 20, mark your calendars!) and your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews are going bonkers with the new toys.

If you’re looking for something for yourself, Walmart has you covered too — and these cult favorites are a great place to start.

The serum with thousands of reviews to support its efficacy.  (Photo: Walmart)

The serum with thousands of reviews to support its efficacy. (Photo: Walmart)

There’s no need to spend over $100 on an effective serum — in fact, you don’t even have to spend $20. This one L’Oreal Serum is packed with ingredients that fight signs of aging and is packed with hyaluronic acid, which naturally attracts a lot of moisture into the skin. It also has plenty of five-star reviews to back it up: nearly 3,000.

“This product is great!” shares a shopper. “It’s hard for me to find something that doesn’t irritate and moisturise my skin, and I’m glad I finally found it. It’s very light when applied, it hydrates and is easily absorbed by my skin and leaves no residue, really great!”

Buy it: L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Derm Intensives Hyaluronic Acid Facial Serum, $17 (was $24), walmart.com

Just think of the meals you can make!  (Photo: Walmart)

Just think of the meals you can make! (Photo: Walmart)

While almost all of The Pioneer Woman Deserves to be considered a cult favourite, it’s its cookware that really shines – and this Instant Pot is the epitome of the care the brand puts into each product. Decorated with a beautiful floral design, this pressure cooker can easily make rice, casseroles, yogurt and more, plus the six-quart capacity is big enough for a family but compact enough for easy storage.

“Instant Pot has to be one of the best items I’ve ever bought for my kitchen,” said one shopper. “It does it all, and there are lots of YouTube videos with tutorials to help everyone. Fantastic pressure cooker.”

The airfryer with thousands of fans.  (Photo: Walmart)

The airfryer with thousands of fans. (Photo: Walmart)

Still don’t have an airfryer in your hands? make this a it: It can bake, broil, grill and roast (duh) by circulating scorching hot air to leave your fries, wings and veggies crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

“I’m short on counter space in my small kitchen, but this has a permanent home!” noted one shopper. “I absolutely love this thing. Best thing I’ve gotten since I got the Ninja 3 in 1 stove. Those are the two appliances that have a home on my counter. Chicken wings in the fryer are great. You can also make great brats or dogs in it and get a nice crunchy crunch to the hides.”

Buy it: Farberware 3.2 Quart Air Fryer, $60 (was $99), walmart.com

Just imagine how chic it will look on your counter.  (Photo: Walmart)

Just imagine how chic it will look on your counter. (Photo: Walmart)

Drew Barrymore’s Beautiful cookware may be a relatively recent addition to Walmart shelves, but it left an impact — it sold out almost immediately. Maybe it’s the innovative colorways (sage green, anyone?), but we think it’s the combination of truly beautiful design mixed with functionality that makes it work. A standout? A touchscreen coffee maker with a brushed gold handle.

“I love this coffee maker,” said one shopper. “Stylish yet extremely functional. It has a beautiful gold trim on the handle and the sleek black screen and base are in a gloss black finish. It works perfectly. Great coffee and easy to use. Love that this line is so It’s a nice style and looks great on the counter.”

Buy it: Beautiful 14-cup programmable touchscreen coffee maker, Sage Green by Drew Barrymore, $59, walmart.com

Buttery smooth (and also available in countless colors.) (Photo: Walmart)

Buttery soft and also available in countless colours. (Photo: Walmart)

It can be hard to buy bedding without physically touching it, but if nearly 1,800 five-star reviewers can be trusted, this is set is absolutely divine. It is available in a lot of different colors and comes with two pillowcases, a fitted sheet and a flat sheet. The fitted sheet has an extra deep compartment, so you can easily put it in your mattress. Some colors are also for sale.

“We LOVE them! My fiancé hates top sheets and really uses them. Very soft and lightweight (we personally like that), and the straps to attach them to the mattress have changed a lot. I have a bought a second set

Buy it: Sweet Home Collection bedroom sheet set, starting at $20, walmart.com

Easy to assemble, even easier to use... and the results will amaze you.  (Photo: Walmart)

Easy to assemble, even easier to use… and the results will amaze you. (Photo: Walmart)

This one steam mop is so popular that it practically has its own fan club. It comes with scent discs (so your floor smells like a rose garden) and a scrubber that removes deep stains. It’s so easy to use too – just fill it with water, plug it in and you’re done. Plus, you don’t need any special cleaner – you can just use water.

The Bissell Power Fresh Steam Mop is a very easy to handle and effective tool for cleaning and sanitizing hard floors,” noted one customer. “Unlike other appliances, this one uses no soap, detergent or any other type of cleaning agent. It just uses steam and a microfiber cleaning pad. The steam loosens the gunk on your floor as the cleaning pad lifts it. It’s amazingly effective and floors look shinier, and because no detergents are used, the floor stays cleaner because there’s no residue.”

Buy it: Bissell PowerFresh steam mop w/discs and scrubber, $79 (was $100), walmart.com

The cleaner that needs no introduction.  (Photo: Walmart)

The cleaner that needs no introduction. (Photo: Walmart)

This one mega-gentle cleaner is fragrance free, pH balanced and recommended by numerous dermatologists. It has been specially formulated for dry and sensitive skin, but if your skin needs a soothing cleanse, this is the cleanser to grab.

“My skin is very sensitive and this works magically,” one of the more than 6,700 five-star clients told me. “I like to use it all the time. I try to wash my face morning and night, and it feels really good. You can also use a cotton pad to wipe it off your skin…your skin feels super soft at .”

Buy it: Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, $9 (was $10), amazon.com

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