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7 Best Use Cases of QR Codes in Beach Resorts

QR codes are the latest addition to every beach resort’s list of must-have amenities. With one scan using a smartphone, guests can avail of services within the premises.

Managements create QR codes using the best free QR code generator with logo to provide convenience to their customers right at their fingertips.

Wondering how this technology can streamline beach resort services? Continue reading and sea for yourself.

Creative QR code use-cases in beach resorts

Here are seven ways that beach resorts can use QR codes to upgrade their services:

  1. Online booking

A beach resort that offers an online booking system for room reservations can use a QR code to easily redirect their prospective clients to their official website.

This method guarantees the safety of your clients from bogus websites that scam or steal users.

This QR code-powered reservation system can also work for resort facilities such as spas and restaurants.

  1. Contactless check-ins and check-outs

Back then, guests would have to go to the front desk to check-in and out of a resort. Now, they can do this with their smartphones by scanning a QR code.

This automated process saves guests from long queues and promotes safety by reducing physical contact. It also saves resort staff a lot of time, so they can focus other more important tasks.


Some beach resorts offer equipments that guests can rent such as surfboards, jet skis, and beach towels. A QR code can work as a cashless payment method so guests can quickly rent these.

Resort management can use a QR code generator supports payment online. When the QR code is scanned, it will connect to guests’ digital wallet apps so they can pay the rental fee right on the spot.

  1. Social media boost

Any person on vacation mode would take snaps of their sweet escape and post them on social media. This will provide beach resorts with a platform for promotions to reach more people.

A social media QR code can redirect guests to a landing page where they will see all of the resort’s official channels. They can then follow and tag these accounts on their posts.

This will greatly boost the popularity of a beach resort, and add more followers on their social media.

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  1. Order food

Menu QR codes became popular in the restaurant industry at the height of the pandemic. Without a doubt, this can also work for beach resorts.

With an interactive digital menu QR code software, resort coordinators can let their guests order food from their smartphones and have it delivered to their rooms.

  1. Resort map

Beach resorts can give their guests a brochure with a QR code that links them to a digital map of the whole resort. This will allow them to easily navigate the premises especially at night, or during an event.

This can guide them to their designated rooms and show them the location of the resort’s facilities, restaurants, and the beachfront.

  1. e-Magazines

People still love to read magazines, but some now prefer to read them on digital devices such as smartphones or tablets.

Resort managers can set up a PDF QR code to provide digital copies of magazines to their guests as another means of entertainment.

7 Quick WiFi access 

Picture this: you just got to your resort room and are too tired to go out, so you just lay in bed and scroll on your smartphone. But shoot, you forgot to ask for the WiFi password.

It’s a relief that there’s a printed password pasted on the wall, but now you have to type each character. You’re not even sure if it’s really updated.

A WiFi QR code can solve this problem. This instantly connects guests to the resort’s free WiFi without needing passwords.

Need to update the WiFI password? No worries. You can easily edit the information on the same QR code, without needing to print and post another batch.

Just make sure you opt for a dynamic QR code so you’re free to update the details anytime.

Guaranteed customer satisfaction with QR codes on beach resorts

Guests expect the utmost relaxation whenever they visit a resort. The management needs to meet or even exceed these expectations to give them a memorable stay.

Using QR codes in beach resorts is a great way to provide quick and easy transactions to guests. The convenience it brings can help guarantee their satisfaction. There’s not denying it’s quite effective in reducing the friction with long queues, and requesting for assistance on the most basic needs, such as a WiFi.

When was the last time you went to a beach resort? Can you cite an instance where you could’ve just used a QR code? Let us know in the comments!