7 Best Online Dating Profile Picture Tips

They say don’t judge a book by its cover.

Some say beauty comes from within.

That is an undeniable fact! At the same time, if you are still embarking on your quest for finding your true love, how you present yourself online matters greatly.

A good dating profile picture will set up your image online (pardon the pun here). It’s the very first thing people see when they stumble upon your profile. If your profile picture delivers a story behind it, more people will do their best to unravel what’s hiding behind that smile. Conversely, if they don’t like what they see, they will choose to ignore it.

Imagine this: You signed up on Tinder, uploaded a random photo you snagged from your camera roll without taking a second glance at how you look in that shot. It was only when you uploaded it that you realized your hair is a mess, your clothes are draped around you crookedly, and even your smile looks forced.

Chances are, a potential match will swipe left once they see your not-so-glamorous profile picture. Jeez. What if that person happened to be a great match? It’s a real bummer, isn’t it?

On the bright side, if you plan and think of better ways to snap that simple and elegant-looking portrait, you get a higher chance to hook the interest of your fellow daters and leave a lasting impression effortlessly.

It may be hard to accept, but taking a good dating profile picture is easier said than done. It is true that some people can take superb-looking photos even without much preparation. These are the people who truly embody the #wokeuplikethis and #nofilter hashtags. 

Don’t be discouraged! Beauty differs from person to person!

If you are having a hard time choosing the right photo from the fifty selfies you took, then you are in the perfect place! This article will give you useful tips on how to take a good dating profile picture.

1. Pull Off a Natural Smile

This should be an easy one. Smiling genuinely on your main profile photo is a great way to make your profile more alluring. Ideally, you want people to see your smiling face at the best angle possible. Finding the proper angle before you take the photo plays a vital role as well. Think of something that instantly makes you happy as you snap that photo. It will surely help make your smile more genuine and let your inner happiness shine through.

Here’s another helpful tip from Hinge. The dating app published a report, which states that smiling should differ between males and females. For women, showing teeth while smiling is advisable to pull off an appealing smile. As for men, a relaxed face with a soft smile will do the magic!

2. It’s All About the Angle

Other good examples of good dating profile pictures include images that are snapped with proper use of different camera angles.

There are three fundamental angle options to choose from when taking a photo: High, low, and eye-level. Using these options will help you identify which angle makes you look more eye-catching.

Interestingly enough, fiddling with different camera angles is the trick to hide some blemishes and unwanted visual factors that can derail your dream profile picture. For example, raising the camera higher than your eye level adds a slimming effect to your face and figure! 

Eye-level camera angle closes the gap between viewers and the story you want to deliver in your photo. Also, this neutral camera angle helps emphasize your natural features.

Shooting a subject from a perspective lower than the subject’s level doubles the photo’s intensity. As such, several photographers use a low camera angle to amplify the youthful and vibrant vibe of a particular photo. In some instances, they use this angle to add emphasis to the heroism or vulnerability of the subject.

Playing with different levels of perspectives improves how you look in your profile picture.

3. Mind the Lighting

Lighting is yet another important factor in producing a great profile picture. Choose a place with good lighting.

It’s kind of funny, but have you ever wondered why most people take selfies and photos in bathrooms (even in public ones?) That’s because most bathrooms have good ambiance and lighting. As amazing and convenient as it may seem, bathrooms are not ideal spots for taking pictures! 

Moving on, natural light can also be found under a tree, in a room with big windows, and even on a field with a good amount of sun exposure. Good lighting emphasizes the subject, makes colors pop, and brightens everything inside the frame.

Moreover, good lighting sets up the tone and story of your profile picture. A picture with a bright and lively setup has the tendency of defining you as a free-spirited and joyful person. Whereas, a darker setup can be associated with gloominess.

4. Flaunt Your Lifestyle

Most online daters dig for active people. Yes, posting well-photographed portraits is great, but you should also consider showing them your lifestyle. Are you active in sports? Then post a picture of you engaging with your favorite sport. Love traveling? Show them that you’re an ideal travel buddy. The list is endless! As long as you show people your interests, you’ll find the perfect match for you in no time.

A word of caution, though, see to it that your profile images don’t look “stockish” or something you can see in free stock photo sites. They might think that you’re a fake profile! You must know that there are several ways on how to spot fake online dating profiles, and if you are not careful enough, you might get banned. Consider your poses and location well when you pose and take your photo.

5. Minimize the Use of Selfies

Arguably, taking selfies is the easiest way to create a default picture for your online dating profile. Unfortunately, if your gallery is filled with nothing but selfies, your profile will end up looking bland. 

Selfies typically exhibit the same poses over and over again, and it limits creativity.

Thankfully, you don’t have to hire a professional photographer to take your photos. You can always ask someone close to you to take your profile picture, especially when you’re on a vacation to places with mesmerizing views. All you need is your phone and a helping hand from your family and friends!

6. Avoid Groufies

Remember, it’s your dating profile, and so uploading groufies is rather pointless. One to two group pictures are enough. Always see to it that all the photos you upload on your dating app accounts have you as the centerpiece or main subject.

Furthermore, never post a picture of yourself with a person who looks like your significant other! It doesn’t matter if that person is your sibling, your co-worker, or your friend. It might give people the wrong idea and repel potential matches. Make sure you look single and open for a relationship in your photos.

7. Embrace Honesty, Say No to Filters!

With different photo editing apps emerging online, improving the shape of your nose or making your waist appear a bit smaller has never been this easy. But, what if a person whom you matched with expects you to look like the ones in your “filtered” photos? Then you’re wasting a chance of a lifetime!

While filters are generally harmless and help make photos look more dynamic, it tends to blur the lines between a deeply manipulated photo and a more realistic one. Think about whether you are still representing your real, unique beauty underneath those filters. It may be scary, but try to be real when taking profile pictures. Avoid using layers upon layers of filters. When in doubt, stick with the simpler ones, such as black and white filters or sepia. This way, you are putting a different flavor into your photos without changing any of your precious physical features.

It’s Not Just a Picture

Yes, it is not just a simple photograph. It is a piece of image that’s a useful tool to express yourself, to show the world who you really are. Don’t be afraid to smile, strike a pose, or show the real you.

It cannot be stressed enough, but taking the perfect profile picture can be hard-pressed. Knowing the bare essentials of taking a profile pic goes a long way in meeting someone new online. 

There is still a lot to learn to pull off that profile picture, but the ones mentioned in this article will serve as your stepping stones. You don’t have to be a professional photographer, it’s all about your imagination and embracing the amazing individual that you already are.

Do you agree with these tips? Or was there something amiss? Do you have your set of DIY hacks? Share it in the comment section below!