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7 Best Apps for College Students 2022

College studies cannot be imagined separately from modern technologies. Different apps and software are there to facilitate their lives. Webinar platforms, messengers, educational apps are just a small part of what students have to use for their everyday routines.

Various write a paper for me services are there to help you with your writing assignments. However, there are a plethora of different apps that are extremely helpful for your studies as well. Check the following list of top apps every college student should use. Use them regularly and facilitate your life.

1. Grammarly

Of course, when you use very reliable and efficient essay writing help, you do not need Grammarly. But you do not always apply for help from professionals.Therefore, it is crucial to have all of your writing assignments to be written correctly. This app is perfect for that purpose.Check out Grammarly Review for more information.

Grammarly allows you to check all flaws in your paper. The app is free to use. You can do it directly in your browser or install an extension in your browser that will check all of your documents automatically. 

The app is very helpful not only for copywriters but for anyone who writes a lot. Students definitely need it. Each essay, coursework, resume, CV, or whatever else you may be working on, should be checked by it. The free version is more than enough to spot and eliminate all grammar, punctuation, spelling mistakes, and typos. 

However, if you want to check everything more precisely, you can purchase a Premium version. Grammarly is also great for businesses. Checking the documents with its help is more than great.

2. Evernote

An organized student is a successful student. Evernote is one of the best apps for college students. This app is also necessary if you want to grow successful online business. The app will help you take notes and arrange your workflow. It is compatible with all devices. It allows you to input notes or scan previously made ones. Create checklists, to-do lists, searchable notes, memos, etc. with its help.

For students, this is one of the most efficient tools nowadays. Create your notes in different formats such as photos, text, sketches, PDFs, etc. Scan the pieces of paper and comment on them. You can do the same even with sketches. Attaching MS Office documents is also possible with this app. The app is very easy to use and navigate. Brainly

The app helps with your homework. Of course, it will not give you assistance from real experts but at least, it can help you improve some of your knowledge. According to the homepage of the app, it was created by students for students. 

For instance, you struggle with some homework. You can post your questions and get some help from other students. Those who know how to solve the task will answer promptly. The app is more of a chat between different students who help one another. It is quite a good option that allows you to find prompt answers to your questions and get some help with your tough homework. Now, you do not need to sit online or browse different forums.

3. iStudiez Pro 

It is on the list of top apps for college because of being quite efficient for every student. The app helps arrange your working process and schedule. You do not have to take many notes or keep things in mind. This is a one-size-fits-all app that will arrange your day in college.

Watching your schedule, sorting all assignments and tasks by deadlines and courses, and even seeing your grades and GPA is possible within the app. It can be synchronized with all of your devices and integrate with your iOS Calendar. No matter where you go, you can always access your course. 

The app has good customer support but the subscription will cost you $1.99 per month. 

4. StudyBlue

StudyBlue is one of the best apps for students that will help you with online studies. It is very easy to use and navigate. Creating and sharing your flashcards is possible absolutely for free. Track your progress, study, quiz yourself, and set reminders with the help of one single app.

The good thing is that you do not necessarily have to install the app and take the memory on your device. You can do everything directly on the website. Study your material smoothly. Share files and flashcards with your teachers and students in any corner of the globe. Search for them by keywords or by the school. 

5. Meetup

That is a great app for students who want to meet new people in their communities. It is a bit different from social media though. The app unites people with similar interests and hobbies in all corners of the globe. You can also track various events while traveling so as not to miss the most interesting ones for you. 

The app is very helpful for your social life and leisure. Not always you need to study. However, it can also be helpful for studies if you find people with the same interests in studies as you. 

6. DeepL Translate

The app can be used right in your browser. You study foreign languages for sure. It is really helpful for translating text from and to all languages. The app is much better than Google Translate or other electronic translation apps. You will find it helpful even for your writing assignments in foreign languages.

These are the best apps for all students that should be used in 2022. Pick the app based on your needs and requirements. However, all of them work perfectly when used all together. 

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