6 Ways to Use Closet Hangers While Saving Some Space

If you have an office party to attend and you don’t know what to wear, you’ll probably go to your wardrobe. But imagine if you can’t find the dress you had in the back of your mind. What would it feel like when you can’t find the best clothes even if you have them. The problem here is not about your dressing sense. It’s about your organizing skills in the wardrobe. 

The heap with other clothes (that don’t seem important at that time) covers the ones you find suitable for that occasion. You may find them but after a day or two. How do you tackle this situation? This is where we step into your life. We help you organize your closet and save some space just by how you use your hangers. Now, closet hangers can be of different types. It’s not just about clothes but also about all the related accessories. For example, closet light hangers are trendy nowadays.

This list is there to solve all the complexities and answer all your specific doubts regarding clothes hanging. 

Clothes Hanging Tips


#1. Utilize the space on the inside of the door

You always have one or two doors on your closet. Use the space that is inside them. Sometimes, the mainstream space gets filled really quickly because it’s visible. If you can use the not-so-obvious space on the inside of the closet doors, it’s always going to save some. However, that space is only meant for lightweight clothes and accessories. You can also store scarves, empty bags, or flip-flops in there. It will keep the doors durable. 

#2. Install plastic shower hooks

If you want one of those people who wear a lot of caps or hats, the plastic shower hook will help you organize them properly. You don’t have to take out any extra space for your heads if you have it installed. You just have to slide it on the bottom of those hanging tips, and you’re good to go.

#3. Try and hang your footwear

If you can manage to hang the variety of footwear you have, the wardrobe will have a lot of space free. Moreover, hanging your shoes will help you choose between them more wisely according to the occasions. You need to look after them and keep them in brand-new shape. Hanging them won’t wear them quickly, and it works in your favor in many ways. There are different ending items available for footwear, including flip-flop organizers, pump organizers, boot organizers, etc.

#4. Extra rods will helps

If you want to start with the basics, install some extra roads in your boardroom. Hang your clothes appropriately on them and ensure that you have sufficient to accommodate every item. Closet hangers can only be hanged on a rod. Also, all these hangers come in different sizes. You need to choose the rods, narrow or wide, according to the tip of the hanger. 

#5. Hanging jewelry

If you have a lot of jewelry, and you don’t have space to store it, it’s a good idea to hang it. Sometimes, it’s good to show off your jewelry to wooden hangers that have small screw hooks. Attach the screw hook to the hanger and hand every jewelry on it. For example, your bracelets, necklaces, and earrings can be easily hanged on the closet door via a wooden hanger. However, you’ll just have to keep your chains from intertwining with each other. 

#6. Hang all your accessories

You probably have a lot of accessories including ties, belts, etc. these are all meant to be hand on dedicated closet belt hangers. If you see the pictures, they look very attractive, especially when filled with colorful accessories. 

Pro tip

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