6 Unique Ways to See Memphis

Located in southwest Tennessee, Memphis is one of those cities that really does have something for everyone. As the second largest city in Tennessee, Memphis is a thriving hub for over half a million residents. Many others come here to relax in the sun, see the area’s mountains and sample life in one of the delightful places in the south. This is a beautiful place that makes it easy to appreciate American history, taste many classic American dishes and all enjoy all sorts of musical performances. If you are looking for unique ways to enjoy this city beside the Mississippi River, here are many ways to see it in a different light.

Head Off On A Bike

Biking is a favorite activity in a city with such a mild climate. Taking a bike trip is a great way to get to know the city’s streets and people. A party bike lets everyone hop on board at the same time. This is a good chance for everyone to come together. These kinds of bikes allow people of all ages the chance to relax and be part of the local scene. Little kids can be on the bike while parents do the pedaling for them.

A Cruise

The Mississippi River is a vitally important part of life in Memphis. A river cruise lets anyone get directly on top of the river and appreciate it in person. Think about the time of the day that works best for your personal traveling plans. A lunch cruise is a great way to get on the river during the middle of the day and escape the heat at the same time. When the sun sets, you can be on the river to watch it. Dinner cruises offer magnificent views of the city from lots of different angles.

Walking Down Beale Street

Beale Street lies in the very heart of Memphis. This is where many musicians made their home and created an entirely unique form of American musical history. In 1977 Beale Street Congress recognized this fact by declaring this street the “Home of the Blues.” Today, Beale Street is as much a part of the community as it ever was. Take your time and have a stroll down here. This is an excellent place to grab a snack and engage in some glorious people watching. It’s also a good spot to find an up and coming performer. Come here, sit back and just listen. This is the sound of America.

Shelby Farms Park

More than 4,500 acres of open space makes this one area to explore in greater depth. This is a good place to come when you want to have a chance to do lots of different outdoor activities. Many companies offer the opportunity to go horseback riding. You can also hit the park on your own and get to know why so many people have made their home in the part of the United States. Over six miles of trails make it easy to find one that offers a nice leisurely walk or something a bit more challenging.

Tasting the Food

Memphis is a part of the deep south. It’s also where many cultures meet. This has created an impressive food scene that you can delight in trying. Memphis is also home to lots of amazing restaurants. Local specialties like barbecue should be on your menu. This is also a city that likes fried chicken. Have a hot bucket with crackling skin and a moist interior. Sides are an essential part of the experience. Try baked beans in a thick sauce. There’s also items like macaroni and cheese, cornbread and collard greens that are a must when you’re looking for an authentic, well prepared meal. Wash it down with an ice cup of sweet tea with lemon and a few slices of homemade pecan pie.