6 Tips to Stay Safe During Long Distance Moves During COVID-19

Before the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted normal life, many of you must’ve been in the midst of closing sales of your homes or moving to your new locations. Since reversing deals when it comes to property buying/selling doesn’t normally happen, you may have been stranded in difficult situations. If you’re one of them, hopefully, you’ve been able to find the help you need with businesses that are still accommodating people during times of such uncertainty.However, it is important that you devise solutions that take into account your safety as a top most priority by following the CDC guidelines.

The following tips have been gathered to help keep you and your family healthy and safe while moving during this distressing pandemic:

Know that Clear Communication is Key

Once you’ve decided how to proceed with your move (i.e., whether by using a moving company, friends or doing it yourself), you should set out a clear communication criteria in which you secure answers to the following questions:

– Do you have precautions in place that would ensure a safe management of this task?

– Is your team equipped with masks and gloves?

– Are you taking extra steps for sanitation?

– Have you shown any symptoms over a period of a few weeks (according to the information shared regarding Covid-19)?

– Have you come in contact with anyone who has fallen sick?

– Is anyone in your family sick?

It is important you keep the communication channel open with your movers all throughout. This will help reinforce safety guidelines.

Ensure Thorough Sanitation

You can organize your move, making the task easier but you shouldn’t forget to sanitize your items. If you’ve opted for a full home moving service, make sure you have bottles of sanitizers around for crew members to use just in case. Taking as many precautions as possible is important. When you begin to unpack after arriving at your new place, start with showering and washing your hands thoroughly. Wipe each box clean with cleaning wipes (which at least contain 60% alcohol).

Pack Your Items Strategically

Wrap appliances and furniture with a plastic wrap. This will help protect any germs from penetrating. Once your appliances and furniture have been dropped off to your new home, remove the plastic wrap and dispose of it using a separate bag. You may also sanitize the plastic wrap before removing it to be extra careful.

Enclose all belongings in disposable bags and properly seal them. You can designate one room of your new home to unpacking and disposing of bags. This would make sure all sanitation and proper disposal is restricted to one place.

If you have a team of movers helping you out, ask them to wear fresh gloves and masks while transferring your belongings. However, it is advisable that you’d rather have them use sanitizers since gloves can collect coronavirus germs and retain them for an unknown period of time.

Arrange a Safe Vehicle Transportation

If there are businesses still operational with regards to vehicle transportation, you should play your part diligently. You should disinfect the interior of your car using proper disinfectants. These can be sprays that sanitize the interior of the car easily. While doing this, you should bear in mind that almost every part of the car is likely to come into contact with passengers. The more accessible areas like the dashboard and console should be wiped clean using alcohol pads. Do the same with the windows and the buttons. Use a vacuum to remove dust particles, dander and bacteria from the seating area. Follow this by using a disinfectant spray and allow the sunlight to naturally disinfect the car in the end. Remove the carpets and wash them clean.

Cleaning the exterior of the car is much easier. You can perform a full heavy duty wash. Use soaps and car friendly detergents and also mix alcohol-based cleaners in the solution. Lastly, let the car absorb direct sunlight so that it can be naturally disinfected.

Before dropping your car off to the auto transport company, learn of any new or temporary regulations that might apply. Once your vehicle has been shipped to your new house, give the exterior of your car a good wash like before.

Keep a Safe Distance

While assigning tasks to your friends family, tell everyone to keep a safe distance. This is to minimize the possibility of infections spreading. Each room can be handled at a time or by different individuals. Distribute tasks in a way that would allow the crew and the home members to complete their jobs with minimum contact with one another.

Manage Paperwork Electronically

It is healthy to be suspicious of potential infections during the Covid-19 pandemic as it makes you and others around you more proactive. One way to ensure you’re safe, is to request an electronic management of paperwork. Sign any documents that you have to online so that you can avoid physical contact as much as possible.