6 Tips for Using Video Marketing This Christmas Season

Video marketing has constantly been a strong method of advertising over the past couple of decades for businesses all around the world. However, the methods in which video marketing is used can change over time which causes businesses to rethink what they are doing. Look into these tips on how you can make video marketing successful for your business during this Christmas season.




Purchasing gifts for family members and friends can quickly add up during the holiday season. By mentioning your pricing in your video marketing, you can gain a base of customers strictly looking for the best deals they can get without having to search high and low. Ensure that you incorporate pricing into your video marketing materials in some fashion.




With the COVID-19 pandemic going on, consumers are having to make a hard choice between if they want to shop online or go in-store. To convince consumers to shop with you, mention multiple methods of convenience while shopping through your business like offering free online delivery or curbside pickup. Make sure that you also mention any deals that can be gotten online instead of having to go in-store during Black Friday as that can be a huge relief for customers looking for a combination of pricing and convenience. Always make sure that your video marketing always informs consumers on ways they can have convenience by shopping through your business.




To have consumers pay attention to your video marketing, you’ll want to make it clear that you’re giving them a new commercial. Adding festive elements to your video marketing like Christmas lights or a tree can be a good way to signify to consumers that you’re offering something different than if they just waited for summer to come around. Take these tips in mind to add festivity to any video marketing materials you create for the holiday season.


Multiple Commercials


People of different backgrounds might all be going to unique stores to purchase products that they believe your retailer doesn’t have. To ensure customers fully understand your business, create multiple commercials for instance so that you can distribute them among the right demographics. An example of this could be creating a commercial that has products teens would like while distributing the commercial to social media platforms like Twitter and TikTok. Make sure that you always create multiple commercials when you want a diverse video marketing strategy for your business during the Christmas season.


Operating Hours


The Christmas season can be a busy time for many people trying to meet with their families while wrapping up the work year. Displaying the hours you are open in your video marketing can make it easy for consumers to make a quick decision on shopping at your store as they can plan around important events they have going on at the time. Ensure that you work with all different stores in your business if you are running a retail chain as you’ll want to make sure that they have a local version that pertains to their specific hours. Strongly think about incorporating your operating hours into your video marketing materials this Christmas season.




As a lot of money is pumped into the video marketing industry, trends can change quickly which can lose you money if you aren’t on top. Paying attention to your statistics on how your video marketing is performing can be key as you can notice what works and what doesn’t. From there, you should be able to make a quick decision on either modifying your pre-existing marketing materials or creating new ones so that you can still gain more customers as the Christmas season goes on. If you are using YouTube for video marketing and find it stressful to reach your target goal, you may look at Sprizzy for YouTube for rapid growth. Keep up with your statistics during the Christmas season if you want to truly ensure that you’ll be successful.