6 Tips for Staying Fit During the Holidays

The holidays are a busy time for family, friends and celebrating. Thinking of your fitness at this time is often set aside until the new year. However, it’s possible to remain fit when you prioritize yourself along with holiday fun. Explore these top six tips for staying in shape during the holidays.


  1. Prioritizing Movement


Many people believe that waking up on a cold morning in December isn’t the ideal time for exercise. It can be the right time when you prioritize exercise, however. Stay fit by starting the day out with a run or bike ride, suggests U.S. News & World Report. By putting movement first on your to-do list, it doesn’t become a chore to complete later on in the day. After the workout, you feel relaxed and less stressed. In fact, you might feel more motivated than before the exercise to tackle those holiday tasks, such as shopping and cooking.


  1. Sticking to a Normal Routine


The holidays are almost synonymous with abnormal routines. Time off, visiting relatives and other changes put the best routines into a tailspin. However, it’s critical to keep a rough schedule. CNET offers a unique way to make exercise a routine. Sign up for a class that’s offered several times a week. Because the class is a fixed time, you’ll be more inclined to stay fit. Simply show up at the designated time, and you don’t have to think twice about scheduling regular movement.


  1. Snacking Before a Party


A clever way to stay fit during the holidays is snacking. Consider your appetite when you arrive at a party. You might be famished, and you end up eating a lot more than normal. By snacking on healthy items at home before the party, your appetite won’t be so overpowering, states Edward-Elmhurst Health. You can eat a normal amount, but without the guilt. Moderating your food intake can also increase your metabolism over time, which allows you to burn off calories faster than before.


  1. Moderating the Alcoholic Drinks


A quick way to add excessive amounts of calories to your diet is drinking alcohol. Celebrating during the holidays usually involves this high-calorie diversion. It’s reasonable to have a cocktail at a party, but avoid returning to the bar. Staying fit requires alcohol moderation. Sip on a glass of ice water to hydrate after the cocktail. When you drink too much alcohol, those calories turn into sugars that are often stored as fat. Poor decisions are also made, which can lead to eating too many treats as well.


  1. Adding in Extra Steps


You’re probably walking a lot to shop for food, gifts and other items around the holidays. Don’t waste time looking for a parking spot that’s close to the stores. Park far from the store and walk to it. These extra steps may not seem like fitness improvements, but they do add up. Think about wearing a fitness tracker to see the steps add up. You may feel more fit than ever before by just completing your weekly errands.


  1. Keeping up With Healthy Foods


There are plenty of treats floating around parties and loved ones’ homes during the holidays. It’s easy to fill up on sugar. Remind yourself of what a healthy plate looks like on your dinner table. Fill up a quarter of the plate with vegetables, for instance. Look for lean cuts of protein, such as white meat from the turkey. By filling your plate with mostly healthy foods, you can add a few treats in afterwards. Try that gingerbread cookie or slice of cake. Enjoying the holidays is important along with a fit body.


Don’t be too hard on yourself if there are setbacks. Staying fit takes considerable effort. If you indulge a bit over the holidays, set a clear goal in the new year to work off the weight. You’ll have a fit mind and body with this strategy.