6 Tips for Choosing the Right Household Movers for You

Choosing the right movers provides a smooth moving experience from the start. They make what would otherwise be a challenging task comfortable, even when relocating long distances. With so many moving companies offering moving services, however, finding a company that provides that top-notch service is sometimes difficult.

The following tips help swiftly direct you to the right moving professionals for your needs. Use this information as your guide during the moving company selection process and find experts who you can trust.

1- Do Your Research

Always check out a moving company online. Plenty of information should be easily accessible about the movers. At a minimum, moving companies should have a license, insurance, and experience. The company should also be bonded, which further protects your belongings during the move.

Movers are a dime a dozen. The goal is to find movers who treat your move like their very own, professionals who put their customers first. Your money and belongings are both at stake. Why settle for mediocre service when so much is on the line?

2- Social Media, Reviews, and More

Look on social media to learn what customers really say about the company. Plenty of information exists on these pages more often than not. Check out Better Business Bureau (BBB) information as well. The BBB gives companies a letter grade based on their response to customer complaints. Avoid working with any moving company with a low letter grade.

And of course, those online reviews are fantastic sources of information. Like other online information, reviews are available to read at no cost. You’ll learn details from prior customers who have the best insight. Take advantage of free online reviews and learn the real truth about movers in the area.

3- Available Services

Always check services offered by each moving company, especially when your move requires specialty service like piano moving. Some moving companies offer basic services only while others offer multiple services.

4- First Impression

Even when a moving company seems pristine, continue searching for help if your first impression is less than stellar. Oftentimes our first impressions are correct. If something seems off or if the movers lack professionalism, do not waste time with a company that likely is not working to provide you with a great moving experience.

5- Cost of the Move

Free estimates help you compare costs with several companies before you hire. Although price alone should never be the deciding factor in the movers that you hire, it is important that you get a great deal for your services. Why overpay for moving service when comparisons reveal the best costs?

6- Watch Out for Red Flags

If a moving company seems too good to be true or present many red flags, run as fast as you can. What type of red flags might you notice from a moving company?

  • The company is not properly licensed
  • They ask for the total cost of the move upfront
  • They refuse to sign a written contract
  • The company is not insured
  • The price is too good to be true

Taking the right steps to choose a great moving company saves movers a lot of headaches, hassle, and money. While choosing movers is sometimes difficult, the information above eases the process. Keep these tips in mind as you search for a moving company that will go above and beyond expectations to ensure your move is smooth and successful. Do not settle for less when so much is on the line.