6 Signs Indicating that It’s Time to Replace Your Home’s Roof

Business owners and homeowners may fail to recognize cautionary signs on their roofs until it gets too late. Apart from providing shelter, a roof also plays a keynote role in preserving the image of your house. Identifying some missing shingles or leakages may be late, so it is prudent to note early signs and act promptly.

Roof replacement is not an ordinary maintenance procedure; hire a professional to get it done professionally. Perhaps you want a new roof as part of your home improvement strategies. That means you may have a different color shingle or even a different roofing design in the end. Following are the signs that you need a roof replacement.

1. Check if it Appears too Old

While it may be impossible to know how old the roof is, the appearance can tell if you need a replacement or general maintenance procedures. Seek advice from a professional if you suspect that your roof could be too old. Adding a roof coating can help boost the lifespan, improve the appearance, and prevent leakages.

2. Increase in the Number of Missing Shingles

There is no call for an alarm if only a few shingles are missing. Replace the shingles to align your roof whenever you notice them. Replace your roof if you have lost many shingles as the image of your house is likely to deteriorate.

3. Curled Shingles

The primary role of shingles is to protect you from leakages. Excessive rain or snow causes the shingles to curl, making them less effective. Too much moisture can cause the roof to bend inwards or outwards.

If your roof is sagging, this is a sign of a future disaster, so replacement is the only option. Inspect the interior surface to see if there is any trapped moisture or tainted boards on the roof. Reach your service provider for a replacement if you note such signs.

4. A Rise in Energy Bills


A worn-out roof may cause an unfamiliar increase in the heating and cooling bills. Improper ventilation or insulation leads to loss of energy, which in return increases the bills. Inspect your roof to see if you need a replacement soon.

5. Presence of Ice Dams During the Winter

If you notice ice dams on the roof or icicles, chances are, your attic insulation is not functioning well, and it is allowing heat through the ceiling. That generates moisture, which freezes to cause leakages and wood rot. The best remedy for such a scenario is a complete roof replacement.

6. Water Damages in the Interior Surfaces

Damages and staining of the ceiling indicate a possible leakage through the roof. With a leaky roof, water flows through the insulation, causing physical damages to the interior surfaces, and this may destroy the wiring system in your house. If you detect any discoloration on your ceiling or the walls, it is time to replace your roof.

Plumbing issues can also cause stains on the ceiling and internal surface, so inspect closely to confirm whether your roof is leaky. Contact a plumber to fix any plumbing issues in your house. Repaint your walls after the repairs if it is necessary.

Besides these, several other signs indicate the need for roof replacement. The roof is a critical part of your home, which plays a significant role in keeping you safe from external threats such as bad weather. A damaged or worn-out roof is hazardous to you and your family. Consult professional roofers for advice on how to take care of your roof or whenever you identify unusual signs to ensure safety.