6 reasons why your skin will thank you for using the electric facial steamer

Steaming your face now seems like a distant memory. Sitting with your grandma with a towel and a pot of boiling water whenever you had a cough and cold,  will always be precious and came then your mother’s generation who saw those big plastic face steamers which would cover the entire face, the same one’s which your mom would always drop a dollop of Vicks Vaporub before turning it on. 

In this generation, facial steamers have evolved once again into a small, highly-portable device which gives you nano steam at the push of a button. They can fit into your bag and you can use them on the go. Electric facial steamers can help you with your skincare routine when you’re in the subway, in the car or even at work (not advisable though, you should give everything you have while working). 

But why do you need to steam your face? Why is it that steaming has been around for generations and many women swear by it? Keep reading to find out about the six logical reasons why you should include steaming your face into your skincare ritual. 

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6 reasons why you should use the electric facial steamer. 

  • The steam from the electric facial steamer will cleanse your pores

Do you work in a metropolitan city? Or do you take the subway to work every day? If yes, then you must’ve noticed the grime sticking to your face at the end of a day. These airborne dust particles are almost impossible to avoid and will clog your pores.

Electric facial steamers convert water into a warm vapor which relaxes and expands your pores. The pores are like tiny floodgates and as soon as they open, they expel all the dirt, dead skin cells and sebum (the natural oil your face secretes to keep the skin moisturized). 

Also, if you adhere to a daily makeup ritual then think about all the sunscreen, moisturizers and creams that get stuck inside your pores. Using an electric facial at the end of a week will ensure that all the gunk that you’ve collected in your pores gets flushed out.


  • Using the electric facial steamer will oxygenate your face

If you are a good skin-care adventurer on a budget, you would know the benefits of using your grandma’s old technique of a bowl of boiling water and a towel to steam your face. Well, now you can buy an electric facial steamer for the same purpose and they’re quite cheap as well. 

The reason why steaming has been so popular since ages is that it enriches your face with oxygen. The warm steam dilates the blood vessels and capillaries, allowing them to carry a lot more oxygen into your face.  

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  • Your face will stay hydrated

The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) recommends that people with dry skin close the bathroom door during baths and showers. Well, why do you think that is? Because steam is an excellent hydration agent. A well-hydrated face will produce more natural oils and will keep your face moisturized, this is essential for people with dry skin if they don’t want to end up looking dull and tired.  


  • Using an electric facial steamer will stop acne

Regular anti-acne products treat the symptoms of acne such as inflammation and excessive oil secretion but a professional face steamer machine helps you by improving the overall health of your skin. 

Electric facial steamers work both as pore cleansers and as blackhead removers. They also remove dead skin cells and keep the skin hydrated thereby improving the overall health of your skin. Healthy skin goes a long way in your battle against acne. 

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  • An electric facial steamer can delay the onset of fine lines and wrinkles

Are you worried about fine lines or wrinkles? Well, who isn’t! You need collagen and elastin to look young, these are both found in meat and protein-rich foods. They can be found in most Asian dishes and if you don’t have the tastebuds for it or if you are a vegan then you should consider steaming your face.

Due to the significant boost in circulation that steaming gives you can increase the production of collagen and elastin, thus delaying the process of aging.


  • Using an electric facial steamer will help your skin to absorb products better 

The rush of blood that your face receives after using an electric facial steamer makes the skin more relaxed than before and makes it more permeable in the process. Because the skin’s permeability is high in this short period of time, whatever products that you use will get absorbed way better and will penetrate deeper to work more effectively.

You can now finally stop hoarding all those expensive beauty products and start using them after steaming your face with the electric facial steamer.  

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