6 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Divorce Attorney

Going through a divorce is never easy. However, if you and your spouse have decided to officially end your marriage, you need to find a good divorce attorney. You must look around and consider several lawyers so that you can narrow down your choices to two or three. Once you have settled on those you may potentially hire to represent you, there are six questions you must ask that can help you choose the one.


How Long Have You Been Practicing?


Any divorce attorney you eventually hire should have enough years of experience to expertly represent you in your divorce case. They need the expertise to understand every aspect of your case, even if it’s complex. A divorce attorney who has only just started practicing law may not be the best choice. At the same time, it’s OK to hire a lawyer who has been practicing for only a few years. As long as they have full knowledge of family law in the area of divorce — and child custody matters if you have children — and you can trust them, you can hire someone who hasn’t been practicing for decades.


How Long Does it Take You to Respond to Correspondence?


While your case is ongoing, you will want to be in constant contact with your divorce attorney. As a result, you should ask how long it will take for them to reply to your calls and emails. Generally, it’s reasonable for a lawyer to get back to you within 24 hours if they miss your call or don’t respond to your email in that same amount of time. Also, ask them about their preferred means of contact as it can prompt a faster response.


Will Anyone Else Work on My Case?


If your divorce case is complicated, the attorney may not be the only one who will be working on it. In some cases, they may have a team at their disposal, including paralegals. They may even use an investigative team if there’s something particularly complex happening in your case. You will want to ask the attorney if they plan on bringing in anyone else to work on your case with them. Often, this leads to additional costs.


How Do You Charge and Can I Get an Estimate?


Hiring a divorce attorney is never cheap, but one of the questions you should ask is what they charge. What can you expect to be charged if they take on your case and is it possible to get an estimate? This is important because it helps to avoid any nasty surprises later on.


What is Your Strategy and Approach for My Case?


Ask the attorney what their strategy and approach are for handling your divorce case. Every lawyer has their own unique way of undertaking a case. Some are aggressive while others have a more laid back approach. Additionally, if you have children with your former spouse, an attorney may have a completely different approach from when they take on cases involving childless couples.


This question is important to ask because you want to make sure the approach and strategy the attorney would take in your case resonates with you.


What are the Possible Outcomes for My Case?


Finally, another question you will want to ask a divorce attorney is what they see as the possible outcomes for your case. After you have discussed your situation with them and they have all the facts, they will probably have ideas of the potential outcome of the case. Depending on the answers they give you, you may have to change your own approach toward your case.


Above all else, when you are searching for a divorce attorney or any other lawyer to represent you in a case, it’s important to trust your own gut. You want to ask questions to make an educated decision on who you end up hiring, but at the same time, you want to go with an attorney who seems to mesh well with you.